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Scout Hut
Today this building is the scout hut. But it was first built as a Congregational church, known as Zion Chapel. In 1842, Charles Forward, a draper on High Street gave the land on which the chapel is built. The rev. David Lewis was the first minister and continued till his death in 1885. In 1893 rev. John Samuel Williams was appointed minister.

Between then and 1914 the Chapel was closed down twice through lack of support, and since 1914 has been put to various uses.

Between 1920 - 30, the Raglan Brass Band kept their musical instruments and had their practice sessions in the disused chapel. Graham Spencer recalls: "There was a large room behind Silverthornes and Ponsford shop. I think it was called the Parish Room, the Raglan Brass Band used to rehearse there and we children would listen to Roy Silverthorn asking for "2 threes Do"n (Don Jones the butcher played the big drum) so we would hear "Boom Boom Boom --Boom Boom Boom "and the band would launch off in to marching tune, when they marched out into the street on certain occasions we village kids marched behind. Don Jones was Connie Jones's father.

Later on it was used by the Youth Club.

During World War II, it was the only public building available (the recognized village hall was used to accommodate troops), and was used for village functions held to raise money to pay for comforts for the boys of the village serving with the forces.

Today the Hall continues to serve the community - as the Scout Hall!

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