Tour of Coed y Bwnydd

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We held two tours of Coed y Bwnydd

Cheryl Morgan (with the help of Rosemarie Spiers' French translation) led members of the Parce, France twinning group on Saturday, 24, August while Brinley Morgan led members of Raglan Local History (and local residents) on Sunday, 25 August. Unfortunately, Dr. Ray Howells was not able to lead the tours due to a mix-up in the dates of the tours (not - this was entirely Cheryl's fault!!!!) We hope to reschedule Dr Howells to deliver his planned lecture at Coed y Bwnydd next year.

Coed y Bwnydd entry.JPG Coed y Bwnydd Parce 1.jpg
Entrance to Coed y Bwnydd off a country lane near Bettwys Newydd Overgrown ferns and tall trees hide the story of the Silures - Iron age tribe of South-east Wales
Coed y Bwnydd Climbing Trees.jpg Coed y Bwnydd fr.JPG
Climbing Trees at Coed y Bwnydd was great fun for the boys Some people walked to and from the site while others came by car
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