The life at Raglan Castle, Elois Grundy,2010

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Horatia Durant Essay Competition

The life at Raglan Castle

by - Eloise Grundy


It's stood there proud,

Surveying all before it with its dramatic views.

From the blue Knight at Gwent to Henry VIII.

It has seen the come and go,

With its great Tudor hall and it's solid battlements.

Which even Cromwell could not conquer.

A fine aristocratic home it was.

Until one day Oliver Cromwell came

And tried he did to knock it down.

The bardic library was no more,

So Somersets house it had flown.

The brave royalist to hold up there

to seize the day and with banners flying

and drums are drumming

marching proudly out their feet are thumping

Till this day it's standing there,

Overlooking Raglan.

It has seen royalist and citizens come and go,

Still with it's bardic library not to be seen.

It's still impressive!

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