The Rock Farm, Hampshires

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Rock Farm: (nb. Rock Farm is on one of the Llandenny Walks)

The CADOGAN family lived at Rock Farm in 1841. This included William CADOGAN, (b. 1779) farmer, his wife Mary (b. 1787) and their children: Ann CADOGAN, b. 1818; Susanah CADOGAN b. 1819, Sarah CADOGAN, b. 1821, Emma CADOGAN, b. 1824 and three servants: Mary KEECE, aged 16, - William SIMMONDS, aged 18 and - Thomas THOMAS, aged 13.

William CADOGAN died a few years later and left his widow, Mary, to farm the 40 acres of farm (nb. Mary was bon in Raglan). The following Cadogan children still lived at home in 1851: Mary b. 1813, Ann b. 1816, Sarah b. 1822, and Emma b. 1825. Also at Rock Farm were visitors: the Campbell family, consisting of Susannah and Stephen CAMPBELL (married, she was born 1818 in Llandenny while he was a land proprietor, aged 30, b. 1821, Bedwelty). The Campbells had four young children: William, age 6. b. 1845 in Christchurch, Charles, age 4, b. 1847 in Newport, Alfred, age 2, b. 1849, ink, and Emily Margaret, 3 mon. b. 1851 in Marylrbt. In addition there were Thos Frederick (visitor) and Margaret Michael (servant), aged 14.

Will Hampshire was born at Rock Farm around 1915 and lived there nearly all his life. After he moved (to The Ferns in Llandenny) a Grade 2 listing was put on the farm. Will died, aged 89, in 2004. Will loved his animals - especially his dog.

The Hampshires were tenant farmers of Lord Raglan Estates. Rock Farm had about 160 acres. The Hampshires did mixed farming - milk, dairy, sheep, beef cattle, pigs and poultry. Will Hampshire wanted to buy the farm but didn't take it up, and later he wanted to buy it but he couldn't.

Flossie (Will's wife) came to the Rock to look after Will's parents in the 1930s. She was a cook and housekeeper. She and Will fell in love and got married a few years later.

During WWII, the Hampshires had a Land Girl working at the rock. They also had German POWs. Maggie Hampshire recalls that the POWs used to make toy aeroplanes for her brother.

Maggie Hampshire was Will Hampshire's niece, and she often visited Will and Flossie at Rock Farm. Maggie's father was Harry Hampshire (Will's brother). Her family lived at Estavarney Farm, Monkswood, where lay monks would grow the corn for the beer at Tintern. The word 'Estavarney' is Portugese (the monks were from Portugal) and means 'barns' or 'granaries'. Esta in Portuguese means 'a house or building'.

Will was active in Llandenny life. He attended Llandenny School, where he wrote a story about schooling in Llandenny. He was also a founding member of the Raglan and District Local History Group.

(Maggie Hampshire, 2013, interviewed by C Morgan)

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