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The Forge

The senior blacksmith at The Forge was Arthur Rogers, and burial records show that he was 93 when he died in 1966. It was reported in an article in the Beacon, in 1988, that Llandenny boasted the oldest working blacksmith in the country at 92 years old.

Then last evening we had a great surprise, 4 people were 'hovering ' outside our house and I went to see if they were lost.  

The  woman, Ceri, was the niece of Nicholas Powell from London who has visited us in the past  He visited our house as a child because the sister (Lucy) of his grandmother lived here. Her father (William Thomas) was blacksmith in Llandenny from 1867 until he died in 1907 (A. 68 yrs).    

Then Arthur Rogers came to be the blacksmith in the village, from 1907 to 1966 when he died. But because Lucy Thomas lived in Forge Cottage, he lived next door with his family in The Ferns (where Margaret Hampshire lives now).

Ceri wanted to see the forge of course and we are keeping in touch as she has a painting of the church done by her great grandfather. He was the painter of the little picture of Brick Cottage we were given by Nicholas Powell, so I must work out the date of it roughly.

I have some great photos from Newport library of the forge in action too.

Sue Russell, 14 June, 2013

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