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Station Road was built in 1868-68 to provide public access to Raglan Railway Station. The property that it passed through belonged to the Duke of Beaufort. He gave permission for the road to be built with the understanding that Raglan Parish would be responsible for its upkeep.

Today, the Station Road leads to the Raglan Golf Course (on the property of the Lodge Farm). The new Raglan School due to be opened in 2015 will be accessed via Station Road

records: (source: Gwent Archives. Road to the Raglan Footpath Station. 1868)

The Rev. A.M Wyatt and others: Road to the Raglan Footpath Station. £7.0.0.

p1 10 July, 1869. Attendance on the Rev'd. A.M. Wyatt. Letter to him as to the proper description of the Road to the Railway and stating that the notice must be given before the 19th instant

11 July, Instructions for notice of the Dedication of the Road to the use of the public by the Duke of Beaufort. Drawing same and 2 copies.

14 July, Letter to Mr. O.A. Wyatt to now if there was a right of way through the field and gate to the road

16 July, Instructions for notice of Vestry meeting. Drawing some 3 copies thereof

22 July, Instructions for Drawing and copy notice of Resolution of Raglan vestry meeting to be passed on 30th isn't. as to the road being kept in repair by the Parish. Letter to the Rev'd. A.M. Wyatt therewith instructing him as to same being posted against the Church door and the School door and on the matter.

30 July. There Parishoners at the meeting having resolved that the repair of the road should be -- by the Parish under the power

pg 2:

1868. July. Given in the Highway Act 1862 attending Mr O.A. Wyatt thereon when he wished the road to be dedicated to the public according to the course commenced meeting. Letter to the Rev'd. A.M. Wyatt accordingly

1869, March 20, Attending Mr. O.A. Wyatt on his calling when he stated that he would be glad to see the Road in the hands of the Parish as a public road and that there was a desire in the parish for it and he had recommended Mr McMasters to see W. Evans on the subject.

22 - Attending the Rev.d. A.M. Wyatt. He stated that he believed the greater number of the Parishioners would be glad to have this Road as a public road and conferring with him

May 18. Attending Mr. O.A. Wyatt as to this Road and he promised to give us some information which we required. letter to the Rev.d. A.M. Wyatt in reply

June 1st. Attending Mr. O.A. Wyatt conferring when he was willing that the Parish should adopt the highway under the power given by the Act of 1862

2. Letter to the Rev'd A.M. Wyatt to ascertain whether anybody besides Morgan of the Lodge and Hallen of the Brook Farm had land adjoining the Road.

11. Letter to the Rev.d A.M. Wyatt asking him when he would be next in Monmouth as we were desirer to see him hereon.

30. Drawing and 2 fair copies, Notice of Vestry meeting. Drawing & 2 fair copies Resolution of

p3. 1868 - July: given in the highway Act 1862 attending

--- 1969 Raglan Footpath

July 1, Instructing him as to the signing and posting of the notice and as to the resolution

August 14. Letter in reply to the Rev.d A.M. Wyatt as to the resolution made by the board at its last meeting and otherwise on the matter

Sept 9. Instructions for drawing and fair copy consent of the Duke of Beaufort. Engrossing same for signature, the like consent of the occupiers

Sept 11. Attending Mr. O.A. Wyatt as to his procuring the Duke of Beaufort's signature to the consent

Sept 16. Letter to Mr Edwards, Raglan with form of consent for signature of occupiers and instructing him

Sept 30. Fees on hearing before the Justices. Drawing and fair copy declaration by the justices that the road was a public carriage road to be repaired at the expense of the Parish (10 folios). Engrossing the same in triplicate (one for the Raglan & Trelleck Highway District Board). Paid for parchment

Oct 1st. Letter to Mr. O.A. Wyatt with one for the Duke of Beaufort

Oct 8. Letter to the Rev. A.M. Wyatt with another to be deposited in the parish chest. Paid Postages.


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