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Ship Inn
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The Ship Inn, dating from the 16th Century boasts a fireplace from Raglan Castle. During the siege of Raglan Castle in 1646, a skirmish between Roundheads and the Royalists is said to have occurred at The Ship/The Sheep Inn. During the siege of Raglan castle the Roundheads who were camped at Clytha Hill (a good place to go metal detecting perhaps!!) and the Royalist troop's, no doubt down from the castle for a pint decided to end the siege there and then!

Formerly called the Sheep Inn, the Ship has a cobbled area to the front where sheep sales were held in by-gone days and one the cobble stands a village pump where villagers would have congregated to get their water and exchange news of the day. Villagers and visitors still relax on the picnic tables outside the Ship Inn.

The Ship Inn and other property belonged at the beginning of the eighteenth century to the family of Briggs of Blackbrook. The Ship has always had a vibrant reputation. In 1798, the Hereford Journal noted the following: Ragland, May 15, 1798. WHEREAS a Person, name unknown, brought with him a black STALLION PONY, to the Ship, in this town, the Twenty-seventh of October last, promising to return on the Thirty-first of the said month to take him away and pay for it"-- He never did! (Hereford Journal, 14/11/1798, British Newspapers)

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