School Experiences during WW2, Campbell Rake, 2014

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Cambell (year 6) was Highly Commended for his video essay about WW2 experiences. He interviewed his Great Grandparents, David and Cicely. His video includes this interview as well as war songs, posters and images of the blitz. He also includes excerpts of education during the war years

6 Rake, Campbell image.jpg

Watch the video on youTube to learn more: [1]

  • Questions asked by Campbell:
  • Where did you go to school
  • What was school like
  • Were you an evacuee
  • How old were you when you graduated?
  • Asked: what was school like
  • What was the food like at school
  • What was it like in the war
  • What did you wear at school
  • What were the teachers like
  • What did you learn and in what ways were you taught
  • Did the war have a happy ending for you?

(married in 1951

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