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Queen Elizabeth's II Coronation and other stories of life in Bryngwyn

Robert and Mike with Coronation Mug

Robert Powell, from Great Oak has a coronation mug that he was given at the Coronation Celebrations at Bryngwyn Hall, where all the local children were presented with a mug and possibly a bar of chocolate, by the Sunday School committee. The mug is dated June 2nd 1953, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Coronation celebrations carried on all day and there were races, a gymkhana, and various other sports, which took place in Pound Meadow, opposite Crawley Hall. A local lade called Barbara Morgan entered the Heavy Horse race with a farm cart-horse and was doing very well, out in front, until the horse was spooked and upset by all the noise and cheering, so she didn't win the race.

Mr Powell went to Sunday school every Sunday and still has the bible he was given at Christmas. It is very special as it is signed by Harry Secombe's brother, who was vicar of Bryngwyn Church. He also took Sunday School.

Mr. Powell lives in the old Post Office at Great Oak, which used to be the smallest Post Office in Great Britain. He has some pictures and an original letter about the Post Office.

A Mr. Richards was the last vicar of Bryngwyn church.

nb. image: Robt Powell and Mike Spencer with Queen Elizabeth Coronation Mug received by Powell at Great Oak Coronation Celebrations in 1953. NB. the celebrations were held in the field behind Robert and Mike

(15/04/2013, transcribed by Judy Cecil)

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