Restoration of Wyatt Gravestone

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Rev Arthur Wyatt was responsible for repairing and restoring St Cadoc's Church in the 1860's but his grave has not withstood the elements over the last 150 years. He had no descendents to look after his grave. Thus, as part of the Raglan District Roots project the Raglan History Detectives were keen to see it conserved. After discussing the situation with our funders, we were given the go-ahead to restore the grave in honour of contribution of Rev Wyatt. We were very pleased to obtain the service of Martin McNamara,of Clyro, Hereford to undertake this task. We are very proud of Martin's work. In addition to conserving the gravestone itself, he cleaned and re-pointed the inscription on the gravestone and re-built the cross decoration on the gravestone.

P1030521.JPG D25.jpg Wyatt stone 8 aug.JPG
Before conservation History Detectives Martin McNamara at work
Claire Dovey-Evans.JPG Wyatt Stone 12 Aug.JPG D25 - Wyatt.JPG
Claire Dovey-Evans observing Restoration continues QR plaque & Grave
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