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Raglanpedia - Raglan Roots Project
The Raglan District Roots project was launched on a cold December night. This exciting project will explore the stories of Raglan Village and surrounding hamlets. The intention is to share and learn more about our small communities in South Wales, traditions and customs. Our major themes are: Life and loss in World War II; Life in Raglan District (based on research of the churchyard along with interviews with local residents): Local celebrations honoring the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

These findings will be shared through: Making historical displays including QR History and Graveyard trails, Publishing leaflets and booklets on local history for adults and teaching resources for Raglan Primary School and establishing a ’Raglanpedia“ on-line QR resource.

We aim to reach all groups within Raglan District as well as people from around the world with an interest in our community. Young people are a very important target group. We work closely with Raglan Primary School. We will encourage youth to access Raglanpedia via QR's linked to smartphones. Researching family roots is increasingly popular worldwide. We will provide a look-up service as well as encourage use of our searchable on-line database to support on-line research (e.g. Ragland family diaspora in USA and Australia) Raglanpedia will promote international accessibility Raglanpedia smart phone/ipad links automatically provide information in the preferred language of the user.”

The combination of traditional and digital methodology makes this a pioneering project, from which it is hoped that many fruitful ideas will emerge to benefit the story of local history throughout the UK.

The project is funded by National Lottery, “All our Stories”, Villages Alive Trust, ‘Sense of Roots’ and the Raglan Community Council

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