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Raglan Sense of Roots Digital Past Conference, Sponsored by Welsh Assembly Government 20 - 21 February, 2012 Monmouth, Wales

The Raglan Sense of Roots project is grounded in the efforts of many local people over nearly 60 years.

This seminar at the Digital Past Conference in Monmouth revealed how a small village has kept its local history vibrant over the years through the use of digital stories, collaborative wiki projects and QR trails to raise awareness of the people and places that have contributed to our community. It has been a long journey.


Raglan and District Local History Group

Since 1955, the Raglan and District Local History Group has explored and celebrated our local history through lectures, outings and local school projects.  This seminar will share the latest initiatives to establish QR History trails and QR Historic Grave markers to encourage young and old to learn about their heritage. 

Horatia Durant Essay Contest

In 1984, an essay contest was initiated with the intent of encouraging young people in our village to learn about local history. The contest was named after Horatia Durant, our founding President. Each year, children at Raglan VC Primary School are invited to research an aspect of Raglan History and write an essay (or sometimes a poem or even a play!) about what they have learned. These essays provide a fantastic insight into life and times in Raglan. We have digitized and included the essays on Raglanpedia

Digital Story Telling Project

In 2005, the Raglan Local History Group celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of our celebrations, we secured a grant from the Awards for All Wales Lottery fund. This Digital Story Telling Project was used to develop a digital archive of local historical records and digital media and a website: Raglan History was developed. 

Through this project, we project worked with youth groups to digitize and catalogue over 800 historical photographs, maps, wills and other documents related to Raglan and Local District.  In addition a series of digital stories were developed including: School days in Raglan, History of Elm Cottages (one of the oldest cottages in the Village), Raglan's first centenarian, and an ode to Raglan Railway. 

Raglan Local Ways

A Raglan Local Ways project in 2008 continued to generate interest in local heritage through linking Raglan Primary School children with long time residents to learn about their history.  A CD was published including old photo's and video records of elderly residents reflecting on the changes in Raglan Village in the last century.  In the past two years, the Raglan History Detectives after school club has focused on learning history through studying and conserving the graves in St Cadoc's Churchyard. 

Raglan Past and Present

In 2009, the Raglan Twinning Association was awarded a grant from Raglan Community Council, the Rural Development Plan of the Welsh Assembly and local businesses to publish a book called, Raglan Past and Present. This book included information about: Historic Raglan, The Village Today, Annual events, Village Life, Local Activities and Local Walks. It is still in print and available for purchase at the Raglan Post Office

Raglan Village Domesday Wiki

A Raglan Village Domesday Wiki website was established  in 2010 as a repository for local historical records and memories.  Since its establishment the wiki has had over 30,000 hits from around the world.  The wiki appeals to family history researchers and ex-Raglan residents and people curious about Raglan Castle and environs.

Raglan History Detectives

This afterschool was started in 2010 to take photo's of and record the inscriptions on all the gravestones in St Cadoc's Churchyard. A map and list of a surname and initial had been developed in 1993. It was very out of date and difficult to use. Over the past three years the afterschool club has continued to thrive. We have successfully mapped the graveyard and taken photo's of the gravestones. In addition, we have come to know the stories of many of the people buried in our graveyard and learned how to use the graveyard as an educational tool -- and we have enjoyed ourselves!

As part of the Raglan District Roots project, the History Detectives are going digital. The South Wales Argus recently published an article about the History Detectives contribution to the Raglan Roots Project: Children help Raglans past go digital, 2013

Raglan Sense of Roots

This seminar will share our current QR based village projects.  These projects are  intended to foster widespread sense of roots in our local area and to celebrate the contributions of Raglan residents to our rich community.  The Raglan Sense of Roots project will install new Raglan and Llandenny Village and St Cadoc's Churchyard maps and signage for QR Heritage Landmarks,  Gravestone trails and Historic Interpretative Panels  The QR tags will link to a new Raglanpedia website.  We will also discuss how technology can strengthen links between local history societies and family history researchers.



Dr Cheryl Morgan Raglan Local Archives email: raglan_history@yahoo.co.uk websites: Raglan Domesday Wiki: http://rlhg.wikifoundry.com/, Raglan Local History: http://www.raglan-history.org.uk/

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