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The Raglan Scouts have a long lasting interest in the Raglan Railway. They were invited by Cadw to witness the 'end of the Railway station' when the station was dismantled and packed away to be stored at St Fagin's History Museum in Cardiff. They also had a talk about the history of the Raglan Railway and Learned more about the Railway by inviting local residents to come and share their memories.

History of Raglan Railway

More information about the Raglan Railway Station

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Raglan Railway memories

3 March, 7:30 pm. Raglan Railway Memories sponsored by the Raglan Scouts, residents of Raglan District were invited to meet with the Raglan Scouts to share their memories of Raglan Railway Station.

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Memories of Raglan Railway Station Raglan Cub Scouts evening 7 March 2013

Memories of the Raglan Railway were shared with Raglan Cub Scouts on the evening of 7 March, 2013. The Scout hut was buzzing with excitement as the 25 scouts interviewed 15 local residents to hear at first hand what people remembered of the GWR Railway that once served Raglan District. Loads of laughter and stories were shared (and a few sad moments) when the guests recalled the time when the trains stopped running and the tracks were torn up for the new A499 motorway linking Newport to Ross on Wye.

The scouts were delighted to meet local resident, Reg Davies, who was one of the Raglan Scouts that had their photo taken on the Raglan Railway platform in 1955 shortly before the trains stopped. Reg shared his memories of his scouting days as well as his experiences on the Railway train.

Some of the residents taught the Scouts chants that children would recite while the train was running down the track - old and young called out 'I think I can, I think I can' when the train started out and "i-know-I-can -- i-know-i-can' as the train picked up speed. Another favourite chant was 'salt and pepper - salt and pepper"

The Scouts wanted to know what the trains were like They learned that the trains were smokey, noisy and had big diesel engines. If you opened the window and stuck your head out you would have ash coming in your face from the engine. There weren't any handles on the inside of the doors - you had to pull down the window and reach out to open the door. There weren't any corridors either - you got straight in the carriage and sat on bench seats.

Here are some of the things residents remembered about the Railway:

  • Everyone in the village Raglan told time by hearing the sound of the Railway coming by
  • It cost 2 shillings to ride the train but beware - if you pulled to communication poll you would be fined £5! Some people bought a yearly season ticket for £2/£3
  • Most people seemed to take the train to Monmouth or to the Pontypool Road to transfer for Newport
  • Some people took the train to school in Monmouth each day, their parents took the train to market, others travelled as far away as London, the Scouts used the train to go camping, the village of Usk used to shut down and everybody went by train for an outing to Barry island, the Chapel would have outings to Sully island or to Coventry and Buxton. Families would travel as far away as Margate for a holiday by the seaside
  • The village children loved going to the Railway Station to drive the Cattle from the train to the
  • Cattle Auction site (held near Caestory Crescent)
  • Mr Lane was the last Station Master at Raglan. Mr Lane was well loved by old and young.
  • One resident told of being woken up by his father in 1957 saying 'look, there is the last train".

Everyone said that they were sad when the train closed. They missed the sound of the train going by. Although everyone loved the train it was often cheaper to take the bus. Everyone felt sad that the Railway station is no longer in Raglan but they are looking forward to visiting it once again when it is re-assembled at St Fagans's in Cardiff.

At the end of the evening, the Scouts presented each of their guests with a thank you card. Everyone agreed that it was a most successful evening.


(Raglan railway station to move to St Fagans museum)

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