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Two groups of Year 5 Students have spent a day at Gwent Archives in Ebbe Vale researching Raglan History through studying records from the archives. The visits were funded through the Raglan Roots project working with the Gwent Archives Education team. This has been such a positive experience that we are hoping to find funds to continue the activity

In June 2013 the students explored original records, maps, attendance registers and newspaper articles about education in Raglan District. On our second visit the theme also included farms and farming as well as crime (using the Usk Gaol records and newspapers). In addition to using records, the children were given a tour of the Gwent Archives and also learned about taking care of and restoring historic documents. Each of these days was tailor made by the staff for our village.


Gwent archives 3-10-13.jpg Gwent archives 3-10-13 b.jpg Usk Gaol image of Raglan Criminal.jpeg
Mrs Graydon and year 5 exploring the Usk Jail records Rhiannon Phillips, gave us a tour of the Steelworks Museum Usk Gaol images of criminals were very popular

JUNE 13 Our focus was on education in Raglan and learning about evacuees in World War II. We also had a tour of the Archives and learned how to take care of our own records

2013-06-10 13.53.19.jpg 2013-06-10 11.19.19.jpg 2013-06-10 11.46.01.jpg
Raglan Year 5 at Gwent Records Office, June 2013 We used newspaper articles and local maps to search our history I found my grandpa when he was teaching at Raglan School
2013-06-10 10.32.16.jpg 2013-06-10 11.40.21.jpg 2013-06-10 11.54.01.jpg
The proper way to read old records The Gwent Archive staff were terrific I found my house mentioned in the records!

2013-06-10 10.48.26.jpg 2013-06-10 12.40.03.jpg 2013-06-10 13.22.34.jpg
Reading the old minute book of Raglan School We learned how to take care of our records The document storage room was cold and BIG!!
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