Raglan Poems, (William the Brave Cavalier), unknown 2008

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William the Brave Cavalier

A long time ago in Raglan
Stood a Castle on a hill
Some soldiers came to live there
And one of them was Will
Now Will he was an archer
With his arrows and his bow
And he fought against the Roundheads
In that Castle long ago

The Roundheads they were nasty
They didn't play so fair
And they teased the Cavaliers
About their long and flowing hair
But Will was on the battlements
Armed with his trusty bow
And did his best to fight the fight
In that Castle long ago

But the Roundheads they were stronger
They had better arms and men
And soon they had the upper hand
Firing again and again
And poor Will caught a bullet
Whilst trying to lay low
And poor Will will fight no more
For that Castle long ago

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