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Early Clubs and groups

1869: Archery Club



   Raglan Brass Band

Raglan Associations, Clubs, groups, activities

   Raglan Farmers Association - est. before 1915
   Raglan and District Local History Group - est. 1955
   Raglan Twinning Association - est. 2008
   Raglan Voluntary Aid Detachment - 1939?
   Raglan Women's Institute - est. 1920
   Raglan Young Farmers Club - est. 1953
   Woman's Companions Club
   Raglan Scouts - est ca. 1920

Raglan Sports and Activities

   Cycling 1878.  Since the formation of the Cyclists' Touring Club in 1878, badges have been issued to members of cycling clubs on enrolment. The badge was usually worn on a cycling cap or on a lapel. The people's collection has an image of a Raglan Cyclist Badge
   RAGLAN CRICKET.—The revival of the Raglan Cricket Club is being looked forward to with much interest in the district. In preparation for the first match of the season at Uantillo Crossenny on Saturday week, trial games are being held at the Lodge ground
   16 May 1952 - Monmouthshire Beacon - Monmouth, Gwent, Wales
    Archery (http://www.raglanpedia.org.uk/mediawiki/index.php?title=Rev_Wyatt,_1867,_Restoration_of_Raglan_Church)&action=edit)
    Tennis club at Raglan Castle (before WWII)
    Raglan in Bloom
    Raglan 'Fun Run', 1982 - 1988
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