Raglan Celebrates King George V Silver Jubilee

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In February 1935 a planning committee was formed in Raglan to plan the local celebration of King George's Silver Jubilee. The Jubilee was scheduled for May 6th so the committee had to work fast!

The committee first met on 18th February. The members of the committee included: Vicar, Rev Harri Edwards, Mr W.I Hampshire, S.W Jones, J.P., Raglan T.H. Somerset, J.P. , Rev Wright, Mr. G. Ponsford, W. Crump, Dr Langdon, Mr. A.G. Fennel, J.P. and Mr. A.J. Caines (sec). According to the notes of the committee:

The vicar mentioned that a bank and general holiday had been decreed for Monday May 6th (the 25th anniversary of the Kings assession to the throne). On this date both local and general celebrations of the event would be held throughout the country. In the event of an out of door function being decided on he mentioned that Mr Raglan T.H.Somerset had offered to place the Castle grounds at the disposal of the Raglan parishioners free of charge, Mr Somerset later supplemented this offer by the amount of 50 lbs of cake and sovereign for the entertainment of the children and other parishioners. After considerable discussion it was proposed by Mr. Ponsford, seconded by Mr Crump, that a fete with tea for the parishioners of Raglan should be held at the Castle on Monday May 6 in the afternoon. This was carried unanimously.

Several committees were formed: collection, refreshment, sports, band and entertainment

The following residents took part in the overall planning and organisation: Mr Cleaves, Mr Shipway, ? Morgan (Raglan Station master), Mr Hall Brooks, O.J. Morgan, Castle Farm, Geo Davies, A Pastel (Berllanderry), W.Farr (Elms), R.J Pryce Jenkin ( Willsbrook), F.W. Jones (Castle St), J. Kin, W.H. Jones (Birches), H. Hampshire, A Jones (Dell), R. Lewis (Twyn Sheriff), F. Haggett, F.N.Silvershorne, H. Jeffreys, A Vick, C.V. Hyam, J.G.T. Morgan j.p., A Townsend, J. Challenger, T. Halford, F. Hensby, W.J. Spencer, T. Tippen, Thomas (Cayo), W. Thomas, W. Townsend, H Rose, B. Hetet? Waters, Crown, Danks.

The Ladies committee was established with power to add to their numbers: Miss E. M Pryce Jenkin, Mrs Wright, Mrs Crump, Miss Fay Jones, Mrs. F.W. Jones, Mrs. Langdon, Mrs Edwards (Dean House), Mrs Farr, Elms, J Heath, Mrs. Cleves, Mrs. S.W. Jones, Mrs. Shipway, Mrs. Ponsford, Mrs. Caines, Mrs. Hampshire, Mrs. Morgan (Castle Vale), Mrs. Gwatkin.

The Director of Education for Monmouthshire stated that all children attending elementary and secondary schools in the county were to receive a Beaker mug and a specially designed box of chocolates for jubilee (the village raised funds to purchase beaker mugs for children under school age)

Free tea was to be given to all parishoners (the provisions as far as possible to be purchased in the village). Mr Eddie Powell, Baker and Confectioner, Raglan offered to give 12 large loaves of bread free to the committee and supply 25 dozen cakes in fancy jubilee proper cups with 250 fancy paper jubilee serviettes.

The Women's Institute would be holding a dance at the Jeffreys Hall on Jubilee night - the profits from the dance were to be given to the Jubilee Fund (The Prince of Wales National Fund). The W.I. also proposed a carnival and Jubilee Queen

Schedule: A telegram was sent to His Majesty the King, "The Raglan Royal Jubilee Committee present their humble duty to his Majesty and beg to tender their most loyal and heartfelt congratulations on this Twenty fifth Anniversary of his accession to theThrone. To:- the Private Secretary, Buckingham Palace

Procession leave the Hall at 2 o'clock pm arrive at Raglan Castle, 2:45 Judging of Carnival 3pm Crowning of the Jubilee Queen, 3:30 (By Miss E.H. Pryce Jenkin) Childrens tea, 4 to 5pm Sports (age limit of 15 years) 5-6pm

Adults Tea, 5 to 6 pm Racing, Dancing and amusements 6-8pm

List of entertainments: tug of war (for married and single gents) catching the cockerel for married ladies catching the cockerel for sigle ladies musical chairs for adults and children high jumps for adults and children leap frog --- fortune telling treasure hunt clock golf skittle alley firework to end the celebrations at the Castle if in favour of the general committee

(source: Gwent Records Office)

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