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Horatia Durant Essay Competition

My Afternoon Exploring Raglan Castle

by - Kristian Price, yr 6

On the 10h of June, I decided that I really had to get my Castle project done, otherwise I was going to have Mrs Jones after me. I walked in to the shop at the entrance of the Castle, where the custodian (that's the lady who looks after the Castle), was waiting to look at my pass. There I bought some postcards and picked up some leaflets about the Castle.

There are lots of plaques giving information about Raglan Castle. I walked over the great bridge, over the top of the moat. To the right and left this entrance leads to the Great Gate. There was a room for guards house to keep a look out for their enemies. There are musket loops and gun ports which covered the approach. I wish that I could have seen the weapons. It must have been really cool! There were lots of look-out ports all over the Castle.

The Castle was beginning to be built in 1435 and finished in 1646. Its founder was Sir William ap Thomas. On his death, his son William Herbert continued the work. On the next page there is a picture of how it may of looked in the 16th Century.

I continued to walk into the stone closet where there is a well. The floor is all cobbles and must have been very cold for the servants. I noticed there are hundreds of old stone fireplaces. It mus have been hard work keeping the Castle warm. There were office things in this area, then it led off to a kitchen with a mega fireplace where they must of cooked.

I came out of the kitchen area in to the pantry, buttery and wine cellar and serving place. The servants must of had a hard life.

I walked on through to the Great Hall where they used to entertain guests. Then I went on to Fountain Court where there is a Grand Staircase, which I couldn't go up as it's unsafe in this area. There were apartments and bed chambers above us, also there is a dungeon in this area which is all dark and muddy, the thought of living in there frightened me.

The next bit I couldn't wait to go up THE GREAT TOWER. I started from the bottom and counted all of the steps. THERE WAS 104 STEPS, from top to bottom, at the top there's a pole to hang the flag that flies on special occasions and special days of the year at the bottom of the tower there is a moat where they must have used boats. There used to be another story on top if this tower but got damaged in the civil war and over the years people took stone from the Castle for building purposes. This was stopped inthe early 19th Century by the Government as people became more interested in Castles and Raglan was a ruin then.

Over the page you can see the tower with the flag pole and moat.

I went through the South gate that took e on to the bowling green which is a massive lawn now. To the right of me is the moat with lots of goldfish in it. You have got a lovely view over Raglan andyou can see the Church tower. I have been told that there is a secret passage way from the castle to the Church and through to Llandenny. I wish is was true. If only I could find it out. It is now the end of my visit and I have learned a lot and enjoyed my visit.

My Thoughts On Raglan Castle

The Castle centuries ago must have been huge and quite a frightening place to live. There's no way that I would have liked to live there. Life must have been very hard for the people who worked there. The castle was built over 400 years ago. I wonder how it was built? What tools were used, and how they managed to transport the stone there. Life now is so much easier with all the cranes and machinery, that today the Castle would be built so much quicker and easier.

There always seems to be a lot of tourists visiting the Castle and there is lots of events, such as 'The Bowmen of the Rose," where they show you how to put on chain main which is very heavy, as I've tried it on, and when you take it off you have to touch your toes otherwise you're hair gets caught in the mails. I also had a go at the archery which I enjoyed very much.

I think it's important to look after Raglan Castle because it is such a beautiful piece of Wales and we must not forget our past history.

On January 31st, 1999 there is going to be a massive firework display that we will celebrate at and Raglan Castles' going into the millennium I am really looking forward to going there

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