Raglan Castle, Jasmine Hurley, 2010

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Horatia Durant Essay Competition

Raglan Castle

by - Jasmine Hurley, yr 6


Raglan Castle stands big and tall,

Within the land of the city wall.

The money that it earns today,

Makes the workers feel quite gay.

William ap Thomas built the castle of stone,

But back then didn't put in a phone!

He supported the farmers who lived quite near,

And gave them the money so their success path was clear.

When William's wife died everyone was sad,

She was the second wife that he had had.

Her funeral was a memorable day,

Abergavenny was the place she lay.

The Tudor servants worked night and day,

For not much food and very little pay.

They lit the fires and made all the beds,

Some of the ceilings were so low they hit their heads!

At the banquets it wasn't just food,

Most of the music lightened the mood.

Meat was roasted on long, hot spits

And flavoured with herbs, peppers and spicy bits.

A sweet tooth they definitely had,

All the comfits made their teeth go bad.

But all the jellies, custards, puds and cakes,

Tempted servants to swap their stale bakes!

The rich wore clothes as fine as can be,

The feathery hats were a sight to see,

The poor however had rough wool or cotton,

And on a scale of warmth they were at the bottom.

Nowadays the castle proud,

hosts many events for a delighted crowd.

Music, jousting, plays and mock pillage,

Keep Raglan Castle at the centre of our village

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