Raglan Castle, Amy Kedward ,2010

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Horatia Durant Essay Prize

Raglan Castle

by - Amy Kedward


How tall and grand you once stood still,

Working hard to get my tea,

Not very much but it will do me.

Those cold, cold nights,

With blankets and blankets but, still no warmth

I am now lead there trembling.

I get lonely all by myself,

But I wish my life would get easier.

If only I had a little help, I'd be grateful,

Even if I just had one day off I'd be thankful.

Now you stand there old and ruined

But with a cafe still new and clean!

It's hard for me, because I love you so very much

it gives me flash backs.

Makes my heart throb

Just to see you stood still,

Now your a rural castle let everyone appreciate you

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