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Raglan Baptist Church
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It is possible that the first introduction to Baptists in Raglan occurred during the Siege on Raglan Castle. It is likely that during the two and a half months of the seige and occupation of Raglan Castle and surrounding areas led by Sir Thomas Fairfax in 1646 Cromwell's soldiers would have had their own Non-conformist services (some of them would have undoubtedly been Baptists) for it is after the victory of the Parliamentary forces in 1648-49 that the Baptist movement progressed in this part of East Monmouthshire. (I. Scott, unpub. History of Raglan Baptist Chapel)

Today's Raglan Baptist Chapel, built in 1862, is actually the third place of worship for Baptists in Raglan. The present Raglan Baptist Chapel was built between The Laurels on the right (now the Fellowship Centre), and The Chestnuts (Ironmongers) on the left.

In April, 1862 a public tea meeting was held to open the 'new' Raglan Baptist Chapel and 500 friends sat down. Services were held all day to celebrate this important event (and to raise funds to pay off the cost of the new building) A report in the Illustrated Usk Observer and Raglan Herald wrote, "The chapel is calculated to accommodate a congregation of about 300 persons, and, in point of architecture, present. a rare combination of elegance and economy (source: Illustrated Usk Observer and Raglan Herald, 12/04/1862, Welsh Newspapers on line)

The longest serving Baptist Minister was Benjamin Johnson. Rev Johnson preached at the Chapel from 1858 - 1895. He is buried at Kingcoed Chapel. A note in the Record book says it all "For 37 years the beloved, honoured and successful pastor of this church entered into rest on April 13th 1895 in his seventy second year. His beloved wife and true helper joined him in the ‘Happy Land’ the following day also in her seventy-second year. Of them may only be recorded, “Faithful unto death” (note glued into the record book)

Today, the Baptists make every effort to serve the community and provide numerous activities to enrich the life of the village. Raglan Chapel singing

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