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The Raglan Arms in Llandenny was the pub kept by William Purchase Haggett and his wife Edith. That was his address at his death in 1896.

I have no idea whether the 1824 marriage involved a relative.

Edith Haggett married Thomas Llewellyn Morris at Llandenny 27 Nov 1894

The Haggett family are not that closely related to me but I have a lot of research done by members of that family if you are related and want more information. William's mother-in-law was my great-great- great-grandmothe r. She is buried at Llandenny.


1820: Christening William Purchase HAGGETT, male, christened, 15 Oct 1820, Cheddington, Dorset, England William HAGGETT, father Jane HAGGETT, mother (nb. maiden name: PURCHASE. b. 16 May, 1784 to Richard and Elizabeth PURCHASE at Puncknowle, Dorset, England. . source: Eng & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906)

1841 Census: Axminster, Devon, England William HAGGETT, age 55. farmer, b. 1786 Jane HAGGETT, age 55, b. 1876 WIlliam HAGGETT, age 20, b. 1821, Edith HAGGETT, age 20, b. 1821, Jane HAGGETT, age 15, b. 1826

1861 Census: Llandenny, Wales William HAGGETT, age 46, b. 1815, Cheddington, Dorset Edith HAGGETT, age 27, b. 1834, East Coker, Somerset Elizabeth HAGGETT, age 10, b. 1851, Haselbury, Somerset John HAGGETT, age 7, b. 1854, Haselbury, Somerset Clara A. HAGGETT, age 5, b. 1856, Newchurch, Mon Henry HAGGETT, age 3, b. 1858, Wolvesnewton, Mon Edith HAGGETT, age 1, b. 1860, Llandenny, Mon John PURCHASE, age 71, Relative, b. 1790, Haselbury, Somerset Charlotte PURCHASE, age 60, Relative, b. 1801, Ceenham, Somerset

1871: Census, Llandenny, Crown Inn, William HAGGET, Head, age 49, Butcher, b. 1822, B. Chedington, Dorset Edith HAGGET, wife, age 39, b. 1832, Yeovil John HAGGET, son, age 17, b. 1854, Haselbury, Somerset Alice HAGGET, Daur, age 15, b. 1856, Newchurch, Henry HAGGET, Son, age 13, b. 1858, Wolvesnewton, Mon Edith HAGGET, daur, age 12, b. 1859, Llandenny Laura HAGGET, daur, age 10, b. 1861, Kate HAGGET, daur, age 8, b. 1863, Tom HAGGET, son, age 6, b. 1865 Frank HAGGET, son, age 4, b. 1867 Charlotte HAGGET, daur, age 2, b. 1869 Richard HAGGET, son, age 3, b. 1868 Jane HAGGET, visitor, widow, age 73, b. 1798, Haselbury, Somerset Charlotte PURCHASE, mother in law, widow, age 87, b. 1784, Crewkerne, Somerset

1881 census: Llandenny, Raglan Arms William HAGGETT, age 60, Butcher, b. 1821, Mother, Charlotte PURCHASE. b. Chedington, Dorset, England Edith HAGGETT, age 49, b. 1832, Hardinton, Somerset, England Harry HAGGETT, age 23, Butcher's Son, b. 1858, Llandenny Kate HAGGETT, age 18, b. 1863 Tom HAGGETT, age 15, b. 1866 Frank HAGGETT, age 13, Scholar, b. 1868 Charlotte, HAGGETT, age 11, b. 1870 Richard HAGGETT, age 9, b. 1872 Bertha HAGGETT, age 1, b. 1880 Charlotte PURCHASE, age 84 widow, b. 1797, Crewkerne, Somerset, England

1891 census: Llandenny. Raglan Arms Pub William P HAGGETT, age, 69, publican, b. Dorset, England, 1822 Edith Haggett, age 59, b. 1832, Somerset, England Kate Haggett, age 25, daur, age 25, b. 1866, Llandenny, Mon Richard Haggett, age 19, occupy. farmers son. b. 1872, Llandenny, Mon Bertha Haggett, Daur, age 17, drapers assistant, b. 1874, Llandenny, Mon John PURCHASE, Brother-in-law, married, age 63, living on his own means, b. 1828, Somerset, England Elizabeth PURCHASE, Sister-in-law, married, age 64, living on her own means, b. 1827, Somerset, England

William HAGGETT, died, 11 June 1896, probate, 19 Dec, 1896, Monmouthshire, Wales (England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (index of wills and administrations), 1858 - 1966)

1901: Census, Raglan Arms, Llandenny Edith P HAGGETT, widow, age 59, Innkeeper, pub.. age 69, b. Hardington, Somerset Laura HAGGETT, daub, age 39, Barmaid, working at home (Jul-Aug-Sep 1903, Laura HAGGETT marries in Monmouth, FreeBMD Marriage Indes: 1837-1915) John H. THOMAS, age 21, Servant, ag lab. b. Trelleck

(source: email to C Morgan. Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:04 am (PST) . Posted by: "Jeff Coleman" jeff.coleman)

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