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Platform have done a wonderful job in developing the Raglan History 'Newspaper" display panels. These will be a wonderful feature in the Old National School - linking one of the special places in our village with reminders of the many stories that make this our home.

They have also designed the Llandenny and Raglan Village History Tours. They are fresh and inviting opportunities for residents, children and visitors to learn the stories of these buildings and the people who lived there.

In addition Platform One have worked with us to develop the St Cadoc's Churchyard Trail. Our after-school club, The History Detectives have been working for 3 years to transcribe, uncover and clean our gravestones as well as learning local history through the life stories of people buried here.

If that isn't enough -- they are also working with us to publish books and leaflets to accompany the History Trails and celebrate the lives of the Raglan Fallen in WWII and Raglan during the war years.

To learn more:- Platform One

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