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People of Raglan

The purpose of this site is to have a repository of Raglan records and images for use to develop biographies about Raglan people and life over the centuries. A list of the current biographies is included in the table to your left. Just click on the person you want to learn about.

Ellen Jenkins (1904-2006) was the oldest known resident in Raglan. She lived to 102 spending the majority of her life at 1 Elm Cottage on the Chepstow Road. She loved life and was much loved by all who knew her

Jones, William John Philpin, 'Jon' (1913 - 1992) renowned cartoonist. He produced over 15,000 cartoons in his life covering politics, current affairs and sport. He even produced cartoons about Raglan!!

Ernie Morgan (b.1903) captures the changes in Raglan life in the past century. He recorded his story in 1987 (you can listen to it or read the excerpts here)

John Petherick (d. 1840) "Adieu, dear faithful partner of my life- Fondly parental, tender, duteous wife...". (Elegy in a Country Churchyard).

Margaret Pytt (b. ca 1733) lived a tragic life. The daughter of the wealthy Williams family, she married the Sherrif of Monmouthshire and had 2 children -- but spent many years a widow and grieving mother wandering through the many rooms of Church House (across from St Cadoc's Church) only leaving the house on Sunday to attend services.

Charles Saunders (b. 1855) was our longest serving Headteacher, church choirmaster and organist and overseer for the Duke of Beaufort. His son became organist also. Sadly, Eric Saunders was killed in The Great War. A plaque to his memory is on the wall of St. Cadoc's.

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