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Prichard of Abergavenny
What is this family doing here in St Cadoc's Churchyard???

This beautiful gravestone was erected in St Cadoc's Churchyard to honour John and Helen Prichard and their family. But it seems that they had very tenuous links to Raglan Village. They were the innkeepers for the Angel Hotel in Abergavenny. Nonetheless, 9 members of the Prichard family are recorded on this gravestone.

It is a mystery, but not that unusual. Today our Churchyard is closed. A new graveyard on Monmouth Road was opened a few years ago to continue to serve our village.



(A49) The family of John and Helen Eliza PRICHARD, P1040888

(A49) In memory of JOHN PRICHARD, The loved husband of HELEN ELIZA PRICHARD of Glendower, Abergavenny, Died Oct, 15, 1928 in his 84th year. Also the said HELEN ELIZA PRICHARD, Died April 11, 1930, Aged 78 years. 'God knows best" P1040891

(A49) PRICHARD Children: LAURA MARY, died Oct 5, 1878, Aged 3, MARY, died 26 June 1876, aged 8 months, GLADYS, Died 22, Nov 1891, aged 1 yr, 8 wks, EVELINE, Died 19 March, 1882, aged 4 mo P1040889

(A49) And their daughter FLORENCE HELEN, wife of Maurice Brady?, Died April 24, 1953 in her 74th year, Interred Kings Morton, Birmingham P1040892

(A49) son, WYNDHAM JAMES. D. Dec, 7, 1923, 48 years. interred at Vayner. WALTER JOHN, elder son, D. Oct 16th, 1927 53 years. interred at the New Cemetery Abergavenny P1040887


John and Helen Prichard were, for many years, the innkeepers at the Angel Hotel in Abergavenny. They had 7 children (4 of which died in childhood). After retiring, they moved to Glendowr, Belmont Road, Abergavenny (1911 Abergavenny Census.)

Eldest son, Walter John Prichard (1876-1927) and youngest son, Wyndham James Prichard (1878-1923) are also listed on the gravestone. The last record we have of Walter is the 1911 census which lists him as single, working as an architect and living with his parents in Abergavenny.

Youngest son, Wyndham Prichard is last recorded in 1901 as single, living at Caerleon at the home of Thomas Parry, auctioneer. He was working for Thomas Parry as an auctioneer's clerk and deputy. He died and was buried in Vayner (nb. there are 3 Vayner's in the area: Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan and Breckonshire.

Daughter Florence Prichard (wife of Maurice Brady) spent her adult life in Kings Morton, Birmingham.


John Prichard was born at Bush Farm in Llansoy to James and Hannah Prichard. His father James (b.1809)was born in Gwernesney, and mother Hannah (b.1819) was from Llandenny. James died before 1881 leaving his widow Hannah to manage the farm with the help of their son, Frederick. Between 1881 - 1891, Hannah left Bush Farm and at age 69, she and her daughter Mary (also a widow) were hotel proprietors at the Three Salmons Hotel.


We have no record of descendents of the Prichard family


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