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We had our shoes from the local cobbler called Mr Ponsford. I had to wear hob-nailed boots most of the time. I dreaded having new ones because for the first few weeks my ankles would be rubbed raw, the leather was so hard (Graham Spencer, b. 1934)

George Ponsford (1885-1977) was the last of a long line of Cobblers in Raglan. In 1835, Raglan had 4 boot and shoemakers supplying the village. In 1901, Barrett & Company had a boot and shoe factory in the village called 'The Beehive'.

George and Agnes were also active in Sunday school and the choir at Ebenezer Chapel in Raglan.



(D70) In loving memory of my dear wife AGNES FRANCES PONSFORD who died Jan 5th 1949, aged 74 years. In heavenly love abiding. Also of GEORGE PONSFORD who died July 24th 1977, aged 92 years DSCF1659


A Barnardo's boy, George learned his trade as a shoemaker from Rewbin Morgan in Usk. He is believed to have married the shoemaker's daughter! Around 1911, George and Agnes (1875-1949) opened their shop in London House, Raglan High Street.

The Ponsfords were active in Ebenezer Chapel in Raglan. In 1912, Agnes Ponsford was accepted as a member of Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Raglan. George was baptised in the Chapel in January 1921. George, Agnes and Raymond were all members of the 'Band of Hope' (a temperance organisation). Mrs Ponsford was a Sunday school teacher, while Mr Ponsford had a good voice and often led the singing in chapel. He was often found at the chapel door to welcome worshippers. During World War II, Agnes Ponsford organised the distribution of bibles, for all who were connected with the church serving in H.M. Forces. In all, the church paid for the cost of 10 bibles. Also during the war years, both the Ponsfords and Silverthornes grocer's shop helped the war effort by selling preserves made by the Raglan W.I. Fruit Preserving Centre.


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George and Agnes had two sons, Raymond and George.


Family Tree: Ponsford

1911 Raglan Census: London House, High Street. Bootmaker George, 27 years old, Bootmaker from Cantreff, Glamorgan, wife Agnes was 36 years old from Usk, Mon.

1937, George Ponsford, Bootmaker, Raglan directories, 1835 - 1937, (nb. other Boot & Shoemakers: Thomas Harris (1835 - 1859), James Hopkins (1835), John Morgan (1835), Philip Park/Pask (1835 - 1858), James Hall (1859), Roderick Robertson (1859), Baret & Co. (boot & shoe factory, The Beehive), Morgan & Sons (1920 - 1923)

20 Dec 1939 - Raglan Baptist Chapel, minutes Men with H.M. Forces Mrs Ponsford proposed sec. by W.G. Jones that a Bible should be sent to all who were connected with the church serving in H.M. Forces. At present there were about seven such cases. It was decided to get ten bibles so that should anyone be called up there would be a Bible ready to give such person on leaving. The church to pay for the cost of same.


Graham Spencer

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