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Post Office
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Morgan & Evans Grocers, 1914

The Old Shop (now the Raglan Village Post Office) is certainly the oldest chemist's and probably the only grocer's shop in Raglan village. According to the 1841 Raglan Tithe Map, John Jones (chemist and grocer) occupied lot 508 (now known as the Post Office on High Street). Thirty years later, in 1871, the shop passed to his eldest son, Edward. Edward continued the family business, as chemist and grocer, until the turn of the century. Father and son are buried in St Cadoc's Churchyard (A08 and A50).

In the last century it has traded as: Morgan & Evans Grocery Shop and Silverthornes 'Olde Shoppe'. Today the Old Shop is the village Post Office, card shop, paper shop and hardware store.

Rear View
As early as 1832, John Jones (aged 25) owned and operated a chemist's & grocer's at this property. By 1871, he had left the shop to his son, Edward. Edward continued the family business until the turn of the century. He may have been responsible for the 'Old Shop' name on the side of the barn, behind today's Post Office (you can view this from Usk Road).

During the last century the shop was used as a grocer's, under the name of Morgan & Evans Grocers. Ernie Morgan (1903-1999) was 14 years old when he left school to work full time for Morgan & Evans Grocers. "I began working at the shop while I was at school, as an errand boy taking parcels around the village and helping out in the shop. In the shop, we sold everything, including an off-license. Bacon was sold by the pound but cut by hand. Nothing came into the village packed – we had to cut it by hand and weigh it out. Tea was weighed out loose and then we would pack it. We had a round every day of the week to customers. Some of the deliveries were by horse and cart until the vans came. I worked long hours, from 8 in the morning until 7 at night. Friday and Saturday would be later. On Sunday morning I had a lie in. On Thursday we had early closing at 1 o’clock. My wage was 10 shillings a week as apprentice pay. We thought that was lots of money. If you had a pound in your pocket you were well off. I worked there for 14 years."

In the late 1920s the Old Shoppe was sold to Silverthorne and Sons Ltd. They were a mainstay in Raglan for 30 years. The current owners are Dilwyn and Marian Watkins.

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