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8 Castle St
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Post Office,1950's

LETTER STEALING: Wm EVANS, aged 20, was charged with having in the parish of Raglan, on the 4th of July last, stolen a letter containing postage stamps to the value 7s. 6d. The prisoner was a distributor of letters between Raglan and Llanfair, and several complaints having been made, Ann JONES stated: I am post-mistress at Raglan; prisoner was a post messenger, whose duty it was to deliver and also to post letters given to him by parties; The jury found prisoner guilty, and his Lordship, in passing sentence, said that there was no doubt that before this inquiry the prisoner had stolen many letters. The lightest sentence he could pass was three years' penal servitude. -- prisoner, who hitherto appeared rather indifferent, now became much excited, and was removed (1862,Hereford Journal)

The Old Post Office was originally part of the Three Salmons Inn on Castle Street. It would have been frequented by Roundheads during the Civil War. But by 1841, the Three Salmons Inn had closed and a post office, house and garden was all that remains. It is quite amazing to consider all the Jones Spinsters that have been Post Mistresses including: Ann Jones (1870), and Sarah Jones (1881). Sarah Evans Jones (1910), Anna Mina Jones (1914), Fay and Ann Jones (1930). Fay and Ann Jones ran the Post Office in Castle street for fifty years.

The Post Office in Raglan has been located in many different locations over the centuries. In 1771 the post was delivered to the Beaufort Arms. In the 1800's Post was delivered to one of three houses on the High Street (London House, Bristol House and Raglan House). In 1841, a Post Office was located next to the Ship Inn on High street. By 1870 it was moved to Castle Street.

Today the Old Post Office in Castle Street is a private residence. The Post Office moved to 'the Old Shoppe" in the High Street. It continues to be the hub of Raglan Village.

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