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Community Centre
Raglan National School, 1914

This is the second known National School in Raglan Village - the first being on Castle Street (now a private residence). In the mid 1800's, the National School had outgrown its building. In 1857 a large school accommodating up to 95 children was built on Chepstow Road next to the Church on land donated by the Duke of Beaufort. A barn and stable belonging to the Brooks farm had previously occupied the site and at one end of the site was the constable’s lock-up. The garden was a pond where in the coaching days the horses were brought to water.

The new school opened in 1861 with John Fisher as the first Headteacher. The school was built by Mr Joseph Watkins, a builder from Monmouth. He died in 1860 before the school was completed. He was 62 years old, a widower and had built many cottages in Raglan as well as the National School. (Welsh Newspaper archives)

One of the longest serving headteachers at the National School was Charles James Saunders (1875-1914). Mr Saunders was also the choirmaster and Sunday School teacher at St Cadoc’s Church. He is remembered in the memoirs of longtime Raglan resident Ernie Morgan. The National School had three classes and Mr Saunders took the top class.

Raglan Infants ca.1928

During World War II the National School tripled in size to accommodate the evacuee children. Village children and city children had to learn to adjust to each other’s way of talking and differences in living.

In the 1969 an infant school built along the 'open classroom' model was built. It was followed in 1977 by a Junior School that included a large meeting room in the centre surrounded by classrooms.

A new school has now been funded for Raglan VC Primary School. It will be opened in 2015 (we hope)

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