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Walter Morgan's inscription is haunting, Where the wicked cease from travelling, the weary are at rest. His inscription comes from Job 17. It suggests that, in death, we are all equally blended - there is no difference between the great and the small.

Walter died very young (age 37). He was at the beginning of his adult life, having recently married and taken over the farm from his brother, who died in 1895. He had carried on in the family tradition as farmer at Lodge Farm (owned by the Duke of Beaufort).

Also in this grave we have William and Isabel Mary Edwards. It is thought that this couple were the parents of Isabel Morgan, nee Edwards. In all there 10 people buried in this grave.



(C72) WALTER MORGAN, late of the Lodge, who departed this life, Feb 1905, aged 37 years. Where the wicked cease from travelling, the weary are at rest. P1040146 (C72) WILLIAM EDWARDS, WALTER MORGAN, ISABEL MORGAN, ISABEL MARGARET MORGAN,   P1040149

(C72).  In loving memory of WILLIAM EDWARDS of Caestory Cottage who fell asleep at the gates of light,  Oct 20th, 1906 in his. 82nd year. He did justice, ? here and walked humbly with his God.  P1040145

C72) ISABEL MARY, wife of the late WILLIAM EDWARDS of Caestory Raglan, who entered into rest on the morning of 13th Nov 1909, aged 76   P1040147

(C72) ISABEL MARGARET MORGAN, died Nov 29th 1957? age 86 years, Resting  P1040148

(D9) - (side) In loving memory of WILLIAM MORGAN of the Lodge Farm, who died Nov 4th 1892, aged 64 years, Also of JANE, wife of the above, Died July 23rd 1883. Also of WILLIAM VAUGHAN MORGAN son of the above who died August 23rd 1895, aged 37 years. JOHN EDWARD MORGAN, died August 13th, 1911. "Thy will be done"P1030141 (nb. this is Walter Morgan's parents and sibling).

(D9) - In loving memory of the children of WILLIAM and JANE MORGAN -- ARTHUR, died March 12th 1871, aged 6 weeks -- FREDERICK died Sept 14th 1873, aged 12 years P1030140.


Walter Morgan, b.1869 at Lodge Farm, Raglan was a middle child. He had four elder siblings (3 boys and a girl) and 3 younger siblings (2 boys and a girl). A bright lad, he was a boarder at Monmouth Grammar school. There he studied with a wide range of boys including ones born in Chile and Ceylon. Walter became a farmer at Pentre Farm in Tregare (1891 census) and later married Isabel Margaret Morgan, from Bristol, Glos.

As the middle child of 8 siblings he probably didn't think that he would inherit the family farm. Initially, Frederick Morgan took over the farm when their father died in 1892. Unfortunately, Fredrick died 3 years later and the responsibility the farm fell to Walter.

Walter died childless in 1905. His wife, Isabel Margaret Williams, now a widow, moved to Caestory Cottage, High St, Raglan. This had been the residence of William and Isabel Mary Edwards (the couple buried in the same grave as her husband, Walter).

Their grave is shared with William and Isabel Mary Edwards.


Walter Morgan's father, William Morgan was born in Llanarth in 1831. His father was a farmer in Llanarth. His wife, Jane, b. 1883 in Lanvacas. The earliest record of William Morgan is the 1851 Abergaveny Census when he and brother John (3 years younger than William were visiting the Guynne family). The mother of this family is named Mary and she was born in Llanarth. Thus, this may be a relative. William married Jane before 1861 and they were hired by the Beaufort's to work Lodge Farm. Here they had 8 children.

Isabel Mary Morgan was the daughter of William and Isabel Mary Edwards. William was a commercial jeweller and must have travelled a bit. He was born in Cayo, Carmarthenshire, and married Isabel Mary of Monmouth, Wales. They were living in Bristol when Isabel Mary was born and in 1901, they moved to Caestory Cottage (previously occupied by Miss Anna Bosenquet). After her husband Walter died, Isabel Mary Morgan returned to the family home before 1891. She continued to live at Caestory Cottage after the death of her parents.


While Walter and Isabel Margaret died childless, the family line has continued through George H. Morgan, the youngest son of William and Jane Morgan. George was the youngest of 8 children. After leaving Monmouth Grammar School, George became a hay and coal merchant in Monmouth and married Bertha (b. 1874 in Llandenny). They had at least 5 children: Samuel George Morgan, b.1901, Thomas Arthur Morgan, b.1904, Richard Herbert Morgan, b.1906 and Frank Morgan, b.1910


Family Tree: Walter Morgan

1841 no record: William Morgan, single, age 11 John Morgan, single age 8

1851 Abergavenny Census - High Street, William Morgan, single, age 21, farmer's son, b. Llanarth John Morgan, single, age 18, farmer's son, b. Llanarth (brother of William) (visiting the Guynne family - the mother of this family is Mary from Llanarth (could be their aunt?)

1861 Raglan Census - Lodge Farm (buried in D9) William Morgan, Head, 30, Farmer. b. Lanarth Jane, wife, 25, Lanvacas, Mon Mary, daur. 5, Raglan William, son, 1, Raglan Frederick, son, 2 mo Raglan

1871 Raglan Census -- Lodge Farm William Morgan, Head, Mar, age 40, Farmer 260 âcres employing 5 men. B. Raglan Jane Morgan, wife, age 36, b. Llanvair? Mary Morgan, Daur, age 15, b. Raglan W.R. Morgan, son, age 12, scholar ,b. Raglan Frederick Morgan, son, age 10, Scholar ,b. Raglan Philip Morgan, son, age, 8, scholar ,b. Raglan Walter Morgan, son, age 2, b. Raglan

1881 Monmouth Census - Monmouth Grammar School, Weybridge St Walter Morgan, age 12, b.1868 Raglan, Mon, Boarder at Monmouth Grammar School, Weybridge Street (the school had scholars from around the world: Ireland, South America (Chile), Ceylon,

1881 Raglan Census - Lodge farm William Morgan, Head, age 49, b. 1832, Llanarth, farmer 275 acres Jane I Morgan, wife, b. 1836, Llanarth Mary, daur, b. 1856, Raglan, Morgan, William V, son, age 22, b. 1859,Raglan, Farmers Assistant Philip Morgan, son, age 18, b. 1863, Raglan, occur. Auctioneer's Pupil John E, Morgan, age 9, b. 1872, Raglan, scholar George H. Morgan, age 5, b. 1876, raglan, Scholar (and 3 servants)

1891 Tregare Census - Pentre Farm Walter Morgan, , head, single, age 24, b. Raglan, Farmer Sybil M Moner? Housekeeper, single age 30

1891 Raglan Census - Lodge Farm William Morgan, Head, widow, age 60, b. 1831, Llanarth, farmer 275 acres Mary J, daur, single, b. 1856, Raglan, John E, Morgan, age 19, b. 1872, Raglan, scholar

1891 Monmouth Census - Monmouth Grammar School George H. Morgan, age 15, b. 1876, raglan, Scholar

1891 Abergavenny Census - Pen-y-pound Philip Morgan, head, single. age 28, Boarder, occur. auctioneer, William James Williams, (age 31), b. Oswestry, Shropshire, Veterinary Surgeon, Jane Haughton, servant (age 54)

1901 Raglan Census - Lodge Farm Walter Morgan, Head, M. age 32, Farmer, Raglan Isabel M Morgan, Wife, m. age 30, Raglan Lilly Barrett, Servant, s. age 18, Newport William Knight, Servant, age 14, b. 1887, Raglan Thomas Thomas, age 56, waggoner on farm, B. Glos

Caestory Cottage William Edwards, H. M. age 56, b. 1845,Cayo, Carmarthenshire, Commercial Jeweler Gabel Mary Edwards, wife, M. age 67, b. 1834, Monmouth, Thomas Jones, visitor, age 26, b. 1845, congregational student

1901 Monmouth Census George Herbert Morgan, head, age 25, married, b. 1876, Raglan, occup: Hay and Coal Merchant, (employer) Bertha Morgan, wife, age 27, b. 1874, Llandenny Samuel George Morgan, son, age 3 mo. b. 1900, Llandenny

1905 - Walter Morgan died, 7 Feb at Caestory Cottage (according to the burial record, but his gravestone says he lived at Lodge Farm)

1911 Raglan Census, Caestory Cottage, High St, Raglan Isabel Margaret Morgan, widow , Head, age 40, occur. Private means, b. Bristol, Glos Rachel Ann Lewis, cousin, age 19, single, b. Cwmtach?, Carmarthenshire

1911 Raglan Census, Lodge farm. Nabor Crump, head, m, age 54, farmer, hay merchant, b. Usk Thomas Morgan, father-in-law, b. 1831, age 80, widow, retired farmer b. Llanarth

1911 Monmouth Census, 5 Whitecross St, Monmouth George Herbert Morgan, age 35, b. Raglan Bertha Morgan, age 37 b. Llandenny Samuel George Morgan, age 10 b. Monmouth Thomas Arthur Morgan, age 7 b. Monmouth Richard Herbert Morgan, age 6 b. Monmouth Kathleen Morgan, age 5 b. Monmouth Frank Morgan, age 9/12 b. Monmouth

Lodge Farm: 1870 Rate Book: William, Morgan, (occupier) Duke of Beaufort (owner) Walter, Morgan, 1895 - Walter Morgan, 1901 - Crump, Nabor, farmer, 1920- Crump, WIlliam, 1923 - Crump WIlliam

The Lodge Farm farmers:

WILLIAMS, Joseph, 1797, Heath

DAVIES, William, age 50. b. 1791 (not in county), farmer, daughter, Esher, age 12. b. 1829, Jenet, age 10. b. 1831, (all born in county) Servants: Elizabeth Matthews, 15, Margaret Morgan, 25, and 6 Ag. lab's (1841 census). William Davies died, May 23, 1844 at The Lodge farm (bur no. 388) buried in plot A25 along with his wife? Esther, died 1850 age 40 b.

LEWIS, Davis, head, age 51. b. 1800, Brecon, Parnishan. Farmer of 200 acres employing 5 men on the farm, Mary Ann, wife, age 47, b. 1804, Llandenny, children: Janet,9, Jane, 7, Thomas, 6,(born in Trelleck) Emma, 4, Servants: Enoch Price, 23, James Price, 24, James Howell, 14, Philip Powell, 14. NB. census record suggests that Davis LEWIS came to Raglan around 1847 from Trelleck (1851 census)

MORGAN, William, Farmer, age 30. b. 1831, Llanarth, Mon., wife, Jane, 25. b. Mon. Lanvaced?, children: Mary S, 5. b. 1856, Raglan, William, age 2, b. 1859, Raglan, Frederick, 2 mo. b. 1861, Raglan, 2 servants, a coachman, a carter and one servant. (1861 census)

MORGAN, William, occupier, 1870 Rates Book, occupiers Beaufort, Duke of, owner, 1870 Rates Book, owners MORGAN, Walter, 1895 & 1901 Kelly's Directories CRUMP, Nabor, farmer, 1920 & 1923 Kelly's directory CRUMP, William Isaac, Lodge farm, Raglan, b. 1880, d. 1939, 6, July. (Burial record: 654) Present: Raglan Golf Club is at Lodge Farm. The farmhouse is available as a rental cottage

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