Llandenny Roots Launch

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The Llandenny Village Roots project was warmly welcomed by residents. We have never had a village map before!

despite the cold,dark night many villagers attended the launch

Proposed activities included: 1.  Make a Llandenny Historical Village Map

2. Develop a Village History Trail linked to the Village Map and Raglanpedia (optional)

3.  Collect and publish Village stories. These activities could focus on the following topics: - Raglan District stories of life during World War Two, - Memories of Celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Coronation and Jubilees, - Personal stories about life in Raglan District - Memories of Lord Raglan at Cefn Tilla

4.  Participate in outings to local archives to research local historic places, people and events. We will request resources related to Raglan District and where appropriate purchase copies of resources to add to our local archives.

5. Participate in guided visits to ancient and historical monuments at Raglan District. These guided visits will raise awareness of these historically important sites.

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