Llandenny Railway Station

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The Ticket Office for Llandenny Railway Station was at The Fenns ("Fenns" was built about 1850 - about a decade before the Railway was built)

In 1841, James and Marella HOWELLS and their daughter lived at Forge Cottage, The Ferns. James was 20 years old, an agricultural labourer born in Monmouthshire. The couple had a one year old daughter called Elizabeth Howells

In the 1850's the Llandenny Railway Station Master for lived next door to the Fenns at Sycamore House. Maud and Mabel Rodgers lived at the Fern's up to their deaths. They were the Blacksmiths's daughters. After the Blacksmith died, the his blacksmith shop was taken to Newport and is on display at the Newport Museum

(source: Maggie Hampshire, February 2013) (needs editing)

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