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The ticket office for Llandenny Railway Station was at The Ferns.

In the 1850s the Llandenny Railway Station Master lived next door to The Ferns, at Sycamore House. Maud and Mabel Rodgers lived at the Ferns up to their deaths. They were the blacksmith's daughters. After the blacksmith died, his blacksmith shop was taken to Newport and is on display at Newport Museum.

Station Masters: 1894: Thomas Llewellyn Morris, age 30, b. 1865 of Raglan, married Edith Haggett on Oct 5, 1899. age 24. His father was an Inspector and her father was the hotel proprietor of the Raglan Arms and Crown Inn, Llandenny.

1899: William John Reynolds, age 24 b. 1875 of Llandenny, married Phoebe Elizabeth Whitlock, age 26. His father, Joseph Reynolds, was an ironworker and her father was a gamekeeper.

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