King Charles 1st is coming to Raglan Castle, Hawley Dawson, 2010

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Horatia Durant Essay Competition

King Charles 1st is coming to Raglan Castle

by, Hawley Dawson


King Charles 1st is coming cried the cook trying to cook

for him a pig which was a great beast.

She was pacing up and down for it to cook

But all she hoped for was for him to enjoy the feast

All the servants were rushing excitedly here and there

But it was quite different for the lady of the castle.

She just didn't just know what to wear!

The lord was putting on this finest gown

But they were so long.

He tried not to trip and fall down!

At last king Charles arrived everyone

Was excited around him

The servants all stood in a line

Singing a wonderful hymn.

The king ate his huge feast and got up and walked around.

He walked all the way round the castle.

He then thanked the lord and lady for the entertainment

and walked out of raglan castles ground

Charles 1st loved raglan castle so when he went home

he wrote them a thank you letter

And he just thought how raglan castle just couldn't be better!

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