Interviews of Raglan residents that attended school between 1947-2004,William Hill, 2014

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As a family we thought about what might have changed and designed a questionnaire. Mummy said when she went to school (in Pontypool) there were outside toilets with lots of red spiders. Daddy said he had the cane in Yorkshire. So we asked about these things.

I interviewed 14 Raglan residents that attended school between 1947 - 2004

What I learned:

Raglan school buildings - most people went to the current school buildings except 2 who were in school in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Classroom. In the old school there was only 1 classroom

Toilets: there were outside toilets for the old school

Headteacher: 1940’s - Mr Jones 1970’s - Mr Clarke 1980’s - Mrs Jenkins (Infants)

In the 1980’s there was a Headmaster for infants and another for juniors

Uniform: there was no uniform until 1980. At first it was not compulsory and was blue

Computers - there were no computers until the 1980’s. Then only 1 per classroom

Since 2000 not much has changed. It is the same building. Different head teacher

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