Insiders guide to ancient monuments in Raglan District

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A personal tour of ancient monuments in Raglan District with Dr. Sian REES, former CADW inspector of Ancient Monuments. Included visits to St Peters Well, Bryngwyn Castle and Church, Dingestow Motte & Bailey, Castle and Church.

It was a warm and pleasant evening as we boarded the bus for our adventure on Thursday 1st August 2013 - 6:30 - 8:30 PM

1. Sian Rees.jpg 2. Bryngwyn Castle.jpg
Sian Rees begins by defining what makes a village. You need ............ Our first stop was Bryngwn Castle, once a motte and bailey all that is left is a large oak tree on top of a man made mound
3. Through the woods and under barbed wire.jpg 4. St Peter's Well.jpg
Sian ............ A beautiful quiet and cool scene - the waters of St Peter's Well are magic!
5. Bryngwyn Preaching Cross.jpg 6. Bryngwyn church.jpg
the preaching cross is missing its base ............ Inside the church we focus on the 'old bits'
7. Dingestow Motte & Bailey.jpg 8. Dingestow Castle Grounds.jpg
We climbed up a steep footpath near the Dingestow camping site to find the 'Old' Dingestow Motte and Bailey The 'new' Dingestow Castle replaced the motte and bailey - but all that is left today are the depressions in the soil
9. Dingestow Castle.jpg

Comments from participants: Can I say once more how delighted Pat & I were to join your ‘hidden gems’ tour last Thursday. Many thanks for organising it – and the weather! – and also Sian was such an excellent tour guide. (Ted and Pat)

I thought I really must write and say how much we enjoyed the mystery tour last night. It was absolutely fascinating. Little do we know about what is on our doorstep! (David & Ann)

Free tour sponsored by the Raglan District Roots Project. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund

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