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D24 - George and Betty Hamer Lewis
LOVE and DUTY Betty and George HAMER-LEWIS

For many years, Betty Pryce-Jenkin left the village, after the morning service at St Cadoc's Church, to ride the railway train from Raglan Railway Station to Newport. There, she met George Hamer-Lewis at the Station Hotel for tea.

Betty was 59 years old when her father died: George was 66. Nonetheless, the couple were finally free to marry.

On 2 May 1952 Betty and George were married at last. They took up house at The Broom, off Usk Road.

Sadly, the marriage lasted for only one month as George died on 23 June 1952. Fifteen years later, Betty joined her husband. She was 73 years old. Both Betty and George are buried together in St Cadoc's Churchyard.




  • ELIZABETH MAGDALENA (Betty) HAMER-LEWIS, Nee PRYCE-JENKIN, wife of GEORGE ERNEST HAMER-LEWIS, Died, September 12, 1967, Aged 73 years.
  • In loving memory of Major G.E. HAMER-LEWIS O.B.E., Croix de Guerre, Died June 19, 1952 'The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God,: Wisdom 3:1'


Betty Hamer-Lewis

Betty: Elizabeth Magdalena (Betty) Hamer-Lewis was a spinster until she was 59 years old. She was very active in village life - both in the Parish Church as well as in the Women's Institute. She served as President of the Women's Institute from 1926 until 1947, and was secretary of St Cadoc's Church. She was also a strong supporter of education.

George Hamer Lewis was born in 1866 in Bangor, Caernarvonshire, North Wales, to John and Ellen Lewis. He was undoubtedly a Welsh speaker, attending school in Llwyn Onn, Ynyscynhaiarn, and Fron Olen, St David's Rd, Llanbeblig, (both in Caernarvonshire). Before enlisting in the army in 1915, he was a schoolmaster at the Royal Grammar School, Sheffield, and assistant schoolmaster at The Abbey in Beckenham, Kent.

He was the eldest of five brothers and one sister. In 1915, all five brothers volunteered for active service in World War One. George, was promoted to Temporary Lieutenant into the Army Service Corps (later known as the Royal Army Service Corps). After the war he was awarded an OBE in the King's Birthday Honours List on 6th March 1919, when he was Temporary Captain. He was also awarded the Croix de Guerre for his service.

After the war, George lived in Kensington and Chelsea in London, during the 1920s. He later returned to Wales and took up a position with the Representative body of the Church in Wales, Newport. This is probably how he met Betty Pryce-Jenkin.

George and Betty married in the Forest of Dean in March 1952. As we know, George died 6 months later.


Pryce-Jenkin The Pryce-Jenkin family were part of Raglan for at least 100 years. They lived at 'Willsbrook', a large, imposing house on the Usk Road. Today, the grounds are opened once a year during the Raglan Music Festival. Residents and visitors settle in on the lawn to enjoy jazz and sip buck's fizz.

The Pryce family can be traced to John PRYCE, born 1795 in Llywel, Breckonshire, Wales. He was a coal and railroad agent at Bedwellty Rock Coal pits and Tredegar Iron. He and his wife, Gwin, had five children: Eleanor (b. 1828), David (b. 1829), Daniel (b. 1831), Rees (b. 1835) and Gwen (b. 1840). The mother, Gwin Pryce, died between 1841 - 1851 followed by her husband, John Pryce, who died between 1851 and 1861.

The eldest daughter, Eleanor was over 30 years old when she married Lewis Jenkin (b. 1811) a farmer of 200 acres in Abervan, Merthyr, Wales. Lewis Jenkin also didn't marry until late in life (he was still single at the age of 50). Shortly after marriage, they moved to Willsbrook House in Raglan, where she gave birth to one child: Richard J Jenkin (b. 1869, Raglan.

The other two children: Daniel and Gwen never married. Sometime before 1861, they moved to 'The Broom' in Raglan. In the 1861 census Daniel's occupation is listed as a Colliery Proprietor (later recorded as a Civil Engineer), while Gwen is 'a lady'. After Gwen died, in 1907, Daniel continued to live at The Broom with his servants until his death. The property was then passed on to the Pryce-Jenkin family of Willsbrook House in Raglan.

Willsbrook House was built sometime before 1861 on property that had been owned by Alexander Jones, esq. The earliest mention of Willsbrook was made by Bradney in the Hundred of Raglan. He notes that Charles Cullum, esq. late of Douglas, Isle of Man, died at Willsbrook on 5 July 1859. His wife, Mary Ann CULLUM died at Willsbrook on 11, Nov, 1861 (Bradney,). Sometime after 1840, the barnyard, shed and garden were pulled down and the beautiful red brick home, now known as Willsbrook, was built, either by or for Lewis Jenkin, esq., a retired farmer (b. 1811, Merthyr), his wife Eleanor (b. 1827, Tredegar or Bedwellty) and their son, Richard John Pryce (b. Raglan, 1869). Perhaps it is their background that led people in the village to conclude that the Pryce-Jenkin family were involved in the coal industry.

Lewis Jenkin died between 1881 - 1890, leaving young Richard responsible for the family estate. At the age of 21 years, Richard (now called Richard Pryce-Jenkin) married Mercedes Augusta Magdalena Newbery, age 19 (b. 19 March, 1871) of St Briavels, Glos (m. Sept 1890). Mercedes' family lived at Bigsweir House in St Briavels. She was the second daughter of Joseph Vicars Newbery. Her mother, Isabel Mercedes Francesca died in 1878 when Mercedes was 7 years old.

Richard and Mercedes settled at Willsbrook House with Richard's mother, Eleanor, and had three children: Magdalena Elizabeth (Betty), born, 1893, Richard Douglas (or Houghton), born 29 July, 1894, and Francis Joseph, b. 1902. The children grew up during the Edwardian years. The family had one of the first motor cars in the village and must have enjoyed touring on the roads of Wales.

When the war broke out in 1914, Richard joined the 6th South Wales Borderers. He was killed in action at Festubert France on 31 December 1914. Richard was but 18 years old. His father, Richard, was said to have taken this very hard. A memorial to Richard is in St Cadoc's Church as well as at St Briavels, Gloucestershire, St Mary the Virgin's Churchyard.

Little is known of Richard and Magdalena after the war. Richard is listed as a J.P. in the Kelly's directories up until 1937. He died on 14 February 1951 at Raglan, aged 82. His wife Magdalena died at 90 years, on 27 September 1971. They are both buried at St Mary's Churchyard in St Briavels, Glos.

Hamer-Lewis George's father Rev. J. Hamer-Lewis was a Vicar in St Asaph and served as a diocesan inspector in 1900. His mother was awarded an honorary bardic degree at the National Eisteddfodd of 1904). The Hamer-Lewis' had 6 children: 5 boys and a girl. The five boys (including George, the eldest son,) volunteered for the war in 1915.

Their daughter, Florence, a nurse at the Red Cross Hospital in Rhyl, died in 1917.


None - They were only married for 6 months!


Family Tree:

[Betty Pryce-Jenkin/Hamer-Lewis]

[George Hamer-Lewis]


PRYCE-JENKIN: 1840: Tithe Map Willsbrook House does not exist but there are buildings on the site. No. 511 (where Willsbrook was subsequently built). Owner, Alexander Jones, esq. occupier, Walter Jones, it consisted of a barnyard, shed & garden. Alexander Jones owned a number of lots in Raglan including. No. 528, (currently no 1-4 Castle St), House, gardens & Carpenters Shop (Occupier John Jacob, age 67, cooper and William Edwards, age 57, carpenter), No. 538, (currently the Malthouse/Old vicarage on Castle St) House garden and Premises on Castle St. occupier Walter Jones, age 60, farmer, his wife Elizabeth and a number of children. No. 540, (property behind 538 where the current Vicarage is now located) Orchard, No. 543, (now where the Fairfax View estate is located, behind Orchard farm) arable land, No. 555, Mais y gwrn,

1861: census. 1861_2l, Willsbrook n. 57 Bale, Ann, M. visitor, un. age 25, b. Cardiff Town, Glamorgan Paul, Catherine, serv. un. 25, Monmouth Town Robinson, Thomas, serv. un. 18, gardener, b. Raglan

1870: Lewis Jenkin, Willsbrook (Rates book, occupier/owner)

1871: Census. 1871_2m, Willsbrook House, Usk Road. No. 74 Jenkin, Lewis, Head, Mar. 60, retired farmer. b. Glamorgan, Merthyr Eleanor, wife, 44, b. Tredegor, Monmouth Richard J. son, 2, b. Raglan

1881: Census. 1881. IGI v2.xls. Willbrook House, no. 142. Jenkin, Lewis, Head, m. 66, b. Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales, Retired farmer Eleanor, wife, 54, b. Bedwellty, Monmouth, England Richard, J. son, u. we. b. Raglan, Jenks, Nora, companion, u. 22, b. St Julians, Shrewsbury Hill, Ann, u. serv. 20, Monmouth, England Jones, Mary A., serv. 20, Tredegar, Monmouth

1890: Pryce Jenkin, Richard John, OTP, Mercedes, Augusta, Magdalena Newberry, St Briavels, Glos Banns, Sep 1890. n. 174

1891 Census. 1891_2g. Willsbrook (No. 49) Jenkin, Richard, J.P., head, M. 22, Undergrad?, b. Raglan Magdalene, M.A.P., wife, 20, b. Ottery, St. Mary, Devon Jenkin, Eleanor, Mother, widow, 63, Bedwellty, Mon Newbery, Stobart P., Brother-in-law, single, 22, Ottery, St. Mary, Devon Johnston, Sarah E. servant, single, 23, domestic, b. Crosswell, Hereford Jones, Sarah, A., servant, single, 23, domestic, b. Blaenavon, Mon

1895: Daniel PRYCE, landowner , Blue Broom. age 49, b. Monmouth, colliery proprietor sister, Gwen PRYCE, age 33, lady, b. Monmouth. (Kelly's directory) (1881 census). They had a visitor (Edward A Lansdowne, age 41 of Bath, an architect and two servants

1895: Jenkin, Mrs and Richard Pryce Jenkin, Willsbrook (Kelly's_directory)

1901: Pryce-Jenkin, R. jn. J.P.(Kelly's)

1901 Census: 1901_2d. Willsbrook, Usk Road Pryce-Jenkin, Richard Price, head, mar, age, 32, living on own means, b. Raglan?, Mon Magdalina Pryce Jenkin, wife, 30, b. Ottery St Mary, Devon Richard, son, 6. Raglan Elizabeth M. d, 7, Raglan Jenkin, Eleanor, mother, widow, 74, Tredegar Stephens, Bessie, single, 28, domestic servant, Charlton, Glos Lynch, Awplice Ellen, 21, house maid, Abergavenny, Mon

1914: PRYCE-JENKIN, Richard Douglas, 2nd Lieut. b. 29 July 1894, d, 31 Dec. 1914 in Festubert, France (monument in St Cadoc's Church)

1923: Pryce - Jenkyn, Rd, Jn. J.P. (Kelly's)

1937: Pryce- Jenkyn, Rd. Jn. J.P.(Kelly's)

1952: Miss Pryce-Jenkin marries May 2, 1952 to George Ernest Hamer-Lewis (WI receipts book, WIn008). George died a month after their marriage on 23 June 1952 at the age of 66 years. He lived at The Broome, Raglan,

1952: George Ernest LEWIS, died, 19 June 1952 in Monmouthshire Wales and his probate date was 26 July 1952. Probate: George Ernest HAMER-LEWIS, of The Broom, Raglan, Mon, died, 19 June, 1952. Admin Llandaff 26, July to Elizabeth Magdalena Hamer-Lewis, widow. effects £461 18s 10d. England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 Record for George Ernest Lewis

On George Ernest HAMER LEWIS' grave it reads, In loving memory of major G.E. Hamer Lewis. O.B.E., Croix de Guerre, died, June 19, 1952. "The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God" wisdom 3:1 (grave D25, burial reg. 753)

1967: Elizabeth Magdalena (Betty) Hamer-Lewis, Nee, Pryce - Jenkin, wife of George Ernest Hamer - Lewis, died September 12, 1967 aged 73 years. (image: p1030183). (grave D25) (burial No 63), Elizabeth Magdalena Hamer-Lewis, died at Bradley Court Nursing Home, Sept 14th 1967, 74 years, A.V. Blake. The Archbishop of Wales.

Forest of Dean website: 1878 NEWBERY Isabel Mercedes Francesca Burial St Briavels 1905 NEWBERY Joseph Vickers Burial St Briavels 1890 NEWBERY Magdalena Mercedes Augusta Marriage St Briavels 1895 NEWBERY Isabel Frances Marriage St Briavels 1905 NEWBERY Juanita Vickers Marriage St Briavels

Record_ID:23481Entry_Number:472 MARRIAGE Year:1890Month:OctDay:9 Grooms_Surname:JENKIN Grooms_Forenames:Richard John Pryce Grooms_Age:21 Groom_Condition:Bachelor Grooms_Occupation:Gentleman Grooms_Residence:Raglan Monmouthshire Grooms_Fathers_Surname:Jenkin Grooms_Fathers_Forenames:Lewis Grooms_Fathers_Occupation:Esquire

Brides_Surname:NEWBERY Brides_Forenames:Magdalena Mercedes Augusta Brides_Age19Brides_Condition:Spinster Brides_Occupation:Brides_Residence:Bigsweir House S[t] Briavels Brides_Fathers_Surname:Newbery Brides_Fathers_Forenames:Joseph Vickers Brides_Fathers_Occupation:Esquire Licence_or_Banns Date_of_Banns:Signature_or_Mark:Both sign Witness_1:Joseph Vickers Newbery,Witness_2:Eleanor Jenkin Sto[illegible]t Bryce Newbery? Other_Witnesses:Daniel Pryce Officiating_Minister:J ???ten Todd. W[illiam Taprell Allen Vicar Event:Marriage Memoranda:Notes:Groom Signs PRYCE-JENKIN. Witness 2 could be one person or two. Could not distinguish Register_Reference:P278 IN 1/12Page_Number:236Parish_Chapel:St BriavelsSoundex_Groom:J525

--- Record_ID:66461Entry_Number:682 DEATH Year:1905Month:MarDay:7 Surname:NEWBERY Forenames:Joseph Vickers Residence:Woodlands S. Briavels Age_at_death:76 Officiating_Minister:J. C. Event:BurialCause_of_death:Memoranda:Notes:Register_Reference:P278 IN 1/20Page_No:86Parish_Chapel:St Briavels. Soundex:N160

--- Record_ID:66081Entry_Number:302 Year:1878 Month:Jul Day:24 Surname:NEWBERY Forenames:Isabel Mercedes Francesca Residence:Bigsweir House Age_at_death:38 Officiating_Minister:Willia]m Taprell Allen Vicar Event:Burial Cause_of_death:Memoranda:Notes:Surname confirmed from Death Register vol 11a page 8 which shows third forename as FaithRegister_Reference:P278 IN 1/20Page_No:38Parish_Chapel:St BriavelsSoundex:N160

Some Memorial Inscriptions - St Briavels, Gloucestershire
St Mary the Virgin's Churchyard [[1]]

NEWBERY B34: Isabel Mercedes Francisca w/o Joseph Vickers NEWBERY d/o James WHITEHEAD of Brockhill House, Broadclyst, Devon, Born at Walearaiso [Valparaiso] 12 Oct 1840. Died at Brockweir House 17 July 1878

Elizabeth Mary, d/o J. & G. NEWBERY, Born at Ottery St Mary, 10 Feb 1868, Died at Santa Cruze Tenersie [Tenerife?], 12 Oct 1889

Charles Augustine Vicker, infant s/o 24 August 1871

Joseph Vickers NEWBERY, of Wood Lane, St Brivales. Was sometime Church Warden of this parish, 29 Nov 1829 - 1 March 1905, [Ed: according to the 1871 Census for Ottery St Mary, DEV, Isabel was born in Valparaiso, 'Chile', and a British Subject]

C40. War Death, Lieutenant Richard. Douglas. PRYCE-JENKIN, 6th South Wales Borderers Born 29 July 1894, killed in action at Festubert, France, 31 December 1914

Magdalena Mercedes Augusta PRICE-JENKIN, w/o Richard John, PRYCE-JENKIN, J.P. of Willsbrook, Raglan in the County of Monmouth and 2nd d/o Joseph Vickers NEWBERY late of this parish. Born 19 March 1871 and died 27 Sept 1971

Richard John PRYCE-JENKIN, J.P in the County of Monmouth, Born, 18 January 1869 - died 14 February 1951 at Raglan age 82

After the death of George Hamer-Lewis, Betty lived at The Broom, Raglan. She built a new home ('Godolphin', Castle Rd, Raglan) where she lived until her death in 1967.

Phone Books: 1955 -1956, The Broom, Raglan, Raglan 238 1957 - 1963, Godolphin, Castle Rd, Raglan 345 1966 - 1967, Bradley Court Nursing Home, Mitcheldean Lea 354   Death: Name: Elizabeth M Hamer-lewis, Birth Date: abt 1893 Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1967, Age at Death: 74 Registration district:Forest of Dean, Inferred County:Gloucestershire, Volume:7b, Page:339

GEORGE ERNEST HAMER LEWIS Born about 1876 in Bangor, Caernarvonshire, according to 1881 & 1891 Wales and 1901, 1911 England census Parents John and Ellen Lewis   England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 about George Ernest Lewis Name: George Ernest Lewis Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1876, Registration district:Bangor, Inferred County:Anglesey, Volume: 11b Page: 527   Census 1881- Scholar, Llwyn Onn, Ynyscynhaiarn, Caernarvonshire 1891- Scholar, Fron Olen, St David's Rd, Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire

1900: Newyddion. J. Hamer Lewis, arolygwr ysgolion. yr es- gobaeth, fod rhifedi y plant a gauwyd allan rhag derbyn addysg grefyddol o gs bl gy. Y Genedl Gymreig, Tuesday, 07, August 1900

1900: Worthenbury. Band of Hope Entertainment. On Friday evening last week the children belonging to the Band of Hope, under the direction of Mrs. Payne Gallwey, gave an entertainment in the Schoolroom, before a gratifying attendance. The Rev. F. Payne Gallwey presided. Rev. J. Hamer Lewis (Diocosan Organising Secretary) gave an interesting address on the evils of intemperance, after which the following programme was gone through: -- Song, " Marching along together," the Elder Children ; recitation, " Puss and the Crab etc etc (Cheshire Observer, Saturday, 06/05/1900)

1900: St Asaph Diocesan Societies. Rev. J. Hamer-Lewis, diocesan inspector, presented his annual report, in which he said that there were in the diocese 220 schools and 259 departments; only one school was not yet open to inspection. The schools were classified in respect of education etc etc. (Liverpool Mercury, 26 July 1900)

Census: 1901  George Hamer-Lewis,Schoolmaster, Royal Grammar School, Broomhall Park, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield 1911  George Hamer-Lewis,Assistant Schoolmaster, The Abbey, Beckenham, Kent

1904 The National Eisteddfod, Honorary bardic degrees were conferred with a generous hand, the recipients including --- Mrs. Hamer Lewis, Hafod Elwy, St Asaph ("Mor-fydd Elwy:) ( Manchester Courier and Lancashire general Advertiser, 9, Sept 1904)

1913: Clergyman's Plight. Shortage of St. Asaph Houses. The general scarcity of houses in the St. Asaph district was brought to the notice of the union authorities yesterday. The Rev. J. Hamer Lewis, diocesan inspector of schools, occupies one of the pair of villas at St Asaph bought recently by the guardians for the purpose of cottage homes for workhouse children. His six months notice to quit is about to expire, and he appealed for an extension of time on account of the difficulty of finding another suitable abode. The guardians decided to allow him a month. (Liverpool Echo, 26, April 1913)

1915: Five Brothers enlistment record of a St Asaph family. Five sons of the Rev. J. Hamer-Lewis, of St. Asaph, Diocesan Inspector of Schools, have volunteered for active service. Mr. George Hamer-Lewis, the eldest son, has been gazetted lieutenant in the AsS.C. The third son, the Rev. J. T. Lewis, Vicar of St. George's, Sheffield. (Liverpool Echo, 15/12/1915)

09.09.1915 George was promoted to Temporary Lieutenant in Army Service Corps (London Gazette Supplement 25.09.1915) (Army Service Corps was renamed Royal Army Service Corps after the war)

1917: Death: Florence HAMER LEWIS - March 23, at Plas Elwy, St. Asaph, Florence, the beloved daughter of the Rev and Mrs HAMER LEWIS, nurse at the Red Cross Hospital, Rhyl (Liverpool Echo. 28, March 1917)

3.06.1919 George Hamer-Lewis awarded OBE in King's Birthday Honours List when Temp Captain in RASC (London Gazette Supplement 03.06.1919) 24.09.1919 Relinquished Commission on completion of service and granted rank of Major in Royal Army Service Corps (London Gazette Supplement 11.12.1919)   Don't know when he won Croix de Guerre, but assume he received it at end of World War One.

Service Record: (Find my past)

George Ernest Lewis Service number ? - Rank: Lieutenant, Captain, Major Corps, Royal Army Service Corps

Service record - Lieutenant, Corps: Royal Army Service Corps - Captain, Corps: Royal Army Service Corps - Major, Corps: Royal Army Service Corps

Archive reference WO372/12 - Campaign Medal Index Cards and Silver War Badge Cards Url: [2]

Country: Great Britain World War One British Army medal index cards Category: Military, armed forces & conflict Record collection: First World War Collections from Great Britain

England Electoral Registers,London

  • 1832-1965, George Hamer-Lewis, 1925, Kensington and Chelsea, Address: 44 BO
  • Earls Court Ward. No 2109. R - Hamer-Lewis, George, no 64 Warwick Gardens
  • George Hamer-Lewis, 1927 - 1928, Kensington and Chelsea (same as 1925)

London, England, electoral Registers, 1832-1965

  • 1923, 1925 - 1928, George Hamer-Lewis, 64 Warwick gardens, earls Court Ward, London

1934: Funeral of Rt Rev. Dr E. L Bevan, first Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, died Feb 2nd 1921, age 72. Public representatives included: G.E. Hamer Lewis, Clytha Park road, Newport (Representative body of the Church in Wales)

1938: Cricket. County Clergy Lost to Monmouth Clergy. …. C. Hamer-Lewis (Cheltenham Chronicle, Saturday,25 June 1938,. British Newspapers)

Marriage LEWIS, George E H, F.of Dean 7b 931      JENKIN, Elizabeth M P, F.of Dean 7b 931    

Death (19.06.1952) Note the age is wrong by 10 years. Name: George E H Lewis Birth Date: abt 1886, Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1952, Age at Death: 66, Registration district: Abergavenny Inferred County: Monmouthshire Volume:8c Page:37   Probate 26.07.1952. From his probate record, his address at the time of his death, 19.6.1952, was The Broom, Raglan, Monmouthshire. Administration of his estate, value £461 18s 10d, was granted to his widow Elizabeth Magdalena Hamer-Lewis.         


Raglan Local Archives: Burial in St Cadoc's Churchyard

Many thanks to Steve Veysey who provided much of the George Hamer-Lewis story.

British Newspaper archives (Find my Past)

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