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Castell Coch
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Schools based on Dr. Bell’s system, were established around the UK (between 1797 - 1819) for the education of the children of the parish, and supported by the voluntary contributions of the inhabitants. In Raglan, our National School, based on Dr. Bell's system was established in 1818.

One of the early Schoolmasters in Raglan was Edward Lewis (1799-1859). His wife, Mary Ann Lewis (1805-1869) was the School Mistress. Together they filled the office of schoolmaster and parish clerk for 27 years.

Edward Lewis was born in Gwerneseney, Monmouthshire. His wife, Mary Ann was from Redbrook, Glos They took up their positions around 1832 and continued to teach the children of Raglan until their deaths. Together they maintained by subscription a national school in what is today known as Castle Coch (next door but one to the Beaufort Inn). Under their leadership, the number of scholars rose to fifty.

Edward Lewis died July 9th, 1859, aged 62 years and his wife Mary Ann died 10 years later in December 15, 1869. They are buried in St Cadoc's Churchyard. Their gravestone was recently discovered by the Raglan VC Primary School after school History Detectives.

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