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In 1465 – Raglan was given permission for a weekly market held every Thursday and two fairs each year, one on the day of St Dunstan (14 May) and the two following days, and the other on the vigil day and morrow of St. Simon and Jude (28th Oct) with courts and tlls of profits, provided that these be not to the damage of the neighbouring hamlets (Bradney, p. 8). In 1920 Raglan held fairs on March 31 & on the Monday previous to the Hereford October fair (Kelly’s Directory, 1920)

Many activities impact on the village or those that have been hosted by the village such as

Visitations: - John Wesley in 1748-1749 - Oddfellows excursion to Raglan Castle - 1829

National/International events:

   - English Civil War - Siege of Raglan Castle
   - 1630: Invention of the first Steam Engine "The Water Commanding Machine"
       'The Century of Inventions'
       The life, times and scientific labours of the second Marquis of Worcester
-   World War I and II - sons of Raglan who fought and died in the Wars as well as stories of how the wars impacted on Raglan Village

NEW: The aim of The War Graves Photographic Project is to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, MoD grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day and make these available within a searchable database. [1]

Some events were small but significant to the people that witnessed them 1936 - The Hindenburg Zepplen flew over Raglan

Others marked Celebrations such as the annual Empire Day, Royal Silver Jubilee for King George V on March 7th 1935. Two years later the village celebrated the Coronation of King George V!

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