Education over the centuries, Cameron (yr6), Tali (yr4),Rowan (yr1), 2014

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Mills family, Family Certificate

Raglan Archives sponsored this certificate to recognize the excellent team work that Cameron, Tali and Rowan Mills demonstrated in their research of how Education in Raglan changed over the decades.

Education (in Raglan), 1760-1959

  1. A Timeline Showing Changes in Education Between 1780 and 1956
  2. A Letter About School Days In Victorian Times
  3. Raglan Herald - A Newspaper Article About School Days In World War 1
  4. An Interview About School Days In The Second World War

(Cameron, Yr 6)

6 Mills, Cameron "Raglan Herald".jpg

Education (in Raglan) 1960-1999

  1. A Timeline Showing Changes in Education Between 1964 and 1996
  2. Schooldays in the 1960’s
  3. The Raglan Times - A Newspaper Article about School Pay strikes in 1985

(Tali Mills, Yr 4)

4 Mills, Tali.jpg

Education in Raglan from the Millennium until now … and into the future (Rowan Mills, Yr 1)

1 Mills, Rowan.jpg

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