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Ebenezer Chapel, 1818 - 1858
Ebenezer Chapel, 1818 - 1858

In 1818, The Goff Trust established a Free School in Raglan, hiring a schoolmaster/ Baptist minister and building a chapel in the village. This chapel/day school named “Ebenezer” was opened in 1821, on the Usk Road across from the Crown Inn. The first Schoolmaster/Minister Thomas Harris lived in the small cottage adjoining the chapel. A small graveyard was created between the chapel and the road.

The sound of children practicing their reading and their numbers was heard for forty years until the National School was built on the Chepstow road. In 1846 attendance at Goff's School in Raglan was forty five and was open to all poor children without distinction and without limitation to the particular parish. Children were taught reading, writing and basic arithmetic. Instruction was entirely free of charge, the only payments made by the scholars were trifling ones "for firing during the winter months".

By 1862 the burgeoning congregation had outgrown the Chapel and a new Baptist Chapel (also called Ebenezer) was constructed on the opposite side of the Usk road. The old chapel continued to be used as a Sunday school and meeting place right up to the latter part of the twenty century when, having fallen into disrepair it became derelict. In 1982 the Chapel was deconsecrated and converted into a private residence. The gravestones were moved to the nearby Kingcoed Baptist Chapel.

The original chapel building and windows can be seen on the left hand side of the property. Interesting and unique carved coping stones, featuring biblical scenes, remain today on the front boundary wall.

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