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Edmund Edwards

Corporal Edmund Stewart EDWARDS, the youngest of 7 children of George and Margaret Stewart, was a casualty of World War I. Of the 36 Raglan men known to have fought in this war, Edward is the only soldier buried our graveyard. Six Raglan soldiers who died in WWI are commemorated with plaques near the altar inside St Cadoc's Church. The remaining 29 servicemen returned from the war (including 4 men who served in the home guard).

Edmund served in "A Signals Company", Royal Engineers. He died at home on 31st March 1919, of wounds suffered in the war (No. 250092). He was 23 years old. At the time of his death he was based at the Royal Engineers Service depot in Bedford, England.

Edmund is buried in a family grave enclosure consisting of two gravestones - (one of the few remaining examples of a fenced enclosure in our churchyard, as most were melted down for metal to be used in WWII). He is buried with his parents, George Frederick EDWARDS (1840-1912) and Margaret Gertrude EDWARDS (1856-1929). A second gravestone in the enclosure contains the remains of his grandparents, William DAVIES (1835-1912) and Jane DAVIES (1820 - 1912), along with an aunt, Mary Ann DAVIES (1827-1901).



(D18) In ever Loving Memory of my dear son. CORPORAL EDMUND STEWART EDWARDS, of 5th co. Abervan. Died 31 March 1919. As time holds we miss him more. A loving son, a brother kind, a beautiful man

(D18) In loving memory of my dear husband, GEORGE FREDERICK EDWARDS who died Nov 11 1912, Aged 72. We know our dear faith is a link in the chain that shall keep us together until we meet again DSCF1567

(D18) In affectionate remembrance of MARGARET GERTRUDE EDWARDS who died Nov 28, 1929, In the midst of light we are in ? DSCF1567

D19) In loving memory, JANE, wife of WILLIAM DAVIES, Green Hill House, Twyn Sherriff, Raglan, who died Feb 12, 1901, aged 81 years. In life fondly loved, in death deeply lamented. Also of MARY ANN DAVIES, sister of WILLIAM

(D19) In memory of WILLIAM DAVIES, St. Cadoc's House Raglan, Who died Jan 19, 1913. Aged 78 years. Thou art my strength. Thou has me laid. O Lord I cling to thee my fence and aid a Loving God to me


Edmund was the youngest of 7 children born to George and Margaret Edwards. Although he was born in Merthyr Tydfil, his family was from Raglan. During his youth, Edmund often stayed with his grandfather William DAVIES, a retired farmer and innkeeper of the King's Head Inn. In 1911, when he was 15 years of age, he was living with his grandfather on Castle Street. He might have been a student at Raglan School. His grandfather, William, died in 1912. Edmund joined the Signal Corps in 1914. He served our country for the last 5 years of his life and until he died, at 23 years of age.


Edmund EDWARDS was descended from two Raglan families: The EDWARDS' of the Beaufort Inn and the DAVIES' of the King's Head Inn on Usk Road. Namely, Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS' family and William DAVIES' family. Both of his grandfathers were Raglan innkeepers. George and Margaret(Jones) EDWARDS were born and married in Raglan. His father, George, worked as a brewer at the King's Head Inn, Raglan, for his father-in-law, William Davies (Margaret JONES' stepfather) but left around 1885 to work in the colliery at Merthyr Tydfil.

Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS,esq. was born in Pontypool in 1804 but lived in Raglan from 1838. When he was 26 years old, he married Eliza Hallen, the youngest daughter of Mr G. Hallen of Raglan. Thomas and Eliza had 2 children before moving to Raglan: Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS, born in Mamhilad, Mon in 1836, Alexander EDWARDS, born in Bryngwyn in 1837. Later, when in Raglan, their third child, Adelaide EDWARDS, was born in 1838 followed by George Frederick EDWARDS (father of Edmund EDWARDS) in 1840 and finally, William EDWARDS, born in Uffington, Shropshire, England in 1842.

In 1838 Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS became innkeeper of the Beaufort Arms Inn in Raglan until his death in 11 November 1874 when his son, Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS junior, took over from him.

On the other side of Raglan Village, William DAVIES (b.1833 in St Weonards, Herefordshire) was the husband of Jane (JONES), innkeeper of the King's Head Inn.

Edmund's father, George EDWARDS (1841- 1912), married Margaret JONES (1856-1929), the daughter of John and Jane Jones, innkeeper at the King's Head on Usk Road. After John's death, Margaret's mother, Jane (Jane Jones Davies, 1820-1901), married William DAVIES (1835-1912).

George and Margaret had 3 children while living in Raglan but moved to Merthyr Vale, Glamorgan around 1885 where George worked as a colliery weigher at the mines and later as a railway machine winder. They had 6 more children. In 1901 the family lived at 11 Victoria Street in Merthyr Tydfil. George died in Merthyr Tydfil on 16 November 1912 and is buried next to his youngest son, Edmund, in Raglan churchyard. After George died, Margaret returned to Raglan and lived at her stepfather's home in Castle Street, until her death in 1929. She is also buried with her husband, youngest son, mother Jane and step-father, William DAVIES.


Edward was unmarried.


Family Tree: Edmund S EDWARDS

NOTES and resources: St Cadoc's Graveyard: D18 - EDWARDS. Edmund Stewart. (1896-1919), age 23. residence: Castle st, Raglan OR 6 Moy Rd. Aberfan. Casualty listed in Commonwealth War Graves. Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Corporal Regiment/Service: Royal Engineers Unit Text: (Bedford) "A" Sig,. Coy. Date of Death: 31/03/1919 Service No: 250092 Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: North -East of Church. Cemetery: RAGLAN (ST. CADOC) CHURCHYARD (http://www.cwgc.org/search/casualty_details.aspx?casualty=389948). Buried in plot D18 at St Cadoc's churchyard. Image on The War Graves Photographic project, (nb. credit for gravestone given to History Detectives, Raglan Primary School) - EDWARDS, George Frederick, (1840-1912) died age 72. (husband) residence: 11 Victoria St, Merthyr Vale (burial records) - EDWARDS, Margaret Gertrude, (1856-1929) died age 73 (wife) residence: Castle St,otp

D19 DAVIES, Jane, (1820-1901) died age 81. wife DAVIES, Mary Ann, (1827-1901) daur, age 74 (died at Abergavenny Asylum) DAVIES, William, (1835-1912), husband, age 78 (lived at St Cadoc's House, Castle St)

nb. a number of other EDWARDS (probably related to the above) are listed in the St Cadoc's Raglan Burial Register but there is no indication of where their remains were buried.

--- Census and Parish records: 1841 - Raglan Census Beaufort Hotel, Ann EVANS, age 30. Innkeeper

1851 Raglan Census (Beaufort Hotel) Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS, age 47, b. 1804, Pontypool, Mon, Innkeeper and Farmer Eliza EDWARDS, age 45, b. 1806, Iron Bridge, Shropshire, Thom Ferrers EDWARDS, age 15 b. 1836, Mamhilad, Mon Alexander EDWARDS, age 14, b. 1837, Bryngwn, Mon Adelaide EDWARDS, age 13. b. 1838, Raglan George EDWARDS, age 11, b. b. 1840, Raglan William EDWARDS, age 9, b. 1842, Uffington, Shropshire, Eng

1851 Raglan Census, Kings Head (not related to John JONES) Merrick JONES, head, mar, age 24, b. 1827, Llanvatchus Caroline JONES, Wife, Mar, age 24, b. 1827, Raglan Mary E JONES, Daur. age 4, b. Raglan Caroline JONES, Daur, age 2, b. 1849, Raglan Dorcus LEWIS, Sister in law, age 22, b. 1829, Llanvatchus, no occup.

1861 Alexander, T. F. EDWARDS, served in the 49th Foot, in Gloucester, England (vol 961, page 31, GRO Regimental Birth indices (1761-1924) FMP (nb. 1860 - 1865, birth record for Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS (or Placida Maria F T, EDWARDS) Tenerife, Spain, vol 3, page 1335, GRO Consular Birth Indices (1849-1965) FMP

1861 Raglan Census (Beaufort Hotel) Thomas EDWARDS, Head, Innkeeper and Farmer, age 58, b. Pontypool, Mon, (nb. died, 17 Nov, 1874, age 71. b. 1803 (Combined Raglan burial records.xls) Eliza EDWARDS, wife, age 54, Coldbrook; Dale, Shropshire, England Tom F EDWARDS, age 25, b. Mamhilad, Mon Adelaide L EDWARDS, age 22, Raglan, Mon George EDWARDS, age 20, Raglan, Mon, chemist?

1861 Raglan Census - Kings Head Inn John JONES, head, M. age 53, b. 1808, Llangwm, Mon, Malster & Brewer Jane JONES, wife, age 42, b. 1819, Llanweneth, Publican Elizabeth JONES, dau, age 12, b. 1849, Raglan Margaret JONES, dau, age 5, b. 1856, Raglan John JONES, son, age 1, b. 1860, Raglan John PARRY, Brother-in-law, m. age 30, b. 1831, Llanweneth, Mon, Collier, Charles PARRY, Brother-in-law, m. age 18, b. 1843, Llanweneth, Mon, Collier

1861 England Census - Lower Heyford, Northamptonshire Alexander EDWARDS, age 24, b. 1837, Bryngwn, Mon. occup: time keeper (Iron Works) Lodger living with Joseph J Claridge, age 50 and Sarah Claridge, age 40

1871 Raglan Census George F EDWARDS, son, single, age 30, b. 1841, Raglan. Living at Beaufort Arms with his father, Thomas F. EDWARDS, head, mar. age 67, b. 1803, Farmer 80 acres, b. Pontypool, wife, Eliza, mar. age 63, b. 1808, at Iron Bridge, Shropshire, along with granddaughter , Adelaide L. EDWARDS,g age 8, b. 1863 in Northampton (nb. George Frederick b. 4 Mar, 1841 to Thomas and Eliza EDWARDS, Gent, raglan bap. 1725-1900) ALSO (nb. Adelaide Lucy EDWARDS b. 4 Mar, 1841 to Thomas and Eliza EDWARDS, Gent raglan bap. 1725-1900) died: 25 June, 1874, age 11, (Combined Raglan burial records.xls) (nb. Eliza EDWARDS, b. 1806, died, 22 Mar, 1894 age 88, (Combined Raglan burial records.xls)

1871 Raglan Census - KINGS HEAD INN Jane JONES, Head, Widow, age 49, b. 1822, Inn Keeper, b. Llanwenarth, Brecknockshire, Wales Maggie JONES, Daur, S. age 16, b. 1855, Raglan John JONES, son, age 11. b. 1860, Raglan

1874: Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS, died, 11 Nov. 1874, probate 13 Jan, 1882. (England and Wales, National Probate Calendar (index of wills and Admin) 1858-1966)

1881 Raglan Census William DAVIES, head, m. age 48, b. 1833, Innkeeper. b. St Weonards, Here. residence, Kings Head Inn, Lanith? DAVIES, wife, age 54, b. 1827, Llanwenarth, Mon George F. EDWARDS, son in law, m. age 40, b. 1841, Brewer, Raglan Margaret G. EDWARDS, daur, M. age 25, b. 1856, Asst Housekeeper, B. Raglan George W. EDWARDS, grandson, age 3, b. 1878, Raglan (nb. George Frederick EDWARDS b. 28 May, 1877 to George Frederick EDWARDS, (innkeeper) and Margaret Gertrude EDWARDS raglan bap. 1725-1900) Jane P EDWARDS, grandaur, age 1, b. 1880, Raglan (nb. Jane Parry Edwards b. 15 June, 1879 to George Frederick (Innkeeper)and Margaret Gertrude Edwards, raglan bap. 1725-1900)

Tom F EDWARDS, living at Beaufort Arms Inn, age 45, b. 1836, Farmer & hotel keeper, b. Mamhilad, Mon, married to Lucy A Edwards, wife, age 40, b. 1841. Monmouth. They had 4 children living with them, Mary A, age 12, Harriet S, age 9, Eliza, age 8 and Thomas F, age 5 (all born in Panteg) (nb. Thomas Ferrers EDWARDS, b. 20 Oct 1877 to Tom Ferrers EDWARDS (Hotel keeper) and wife Lucy Ann EDWARDS, raglan bap. 1725-1900) nb. Tom F EDWARDS (b. 1836) is son of Tho F EDWARDS, b. 1804, Pontypool)

1891 Raglan Census: William DAVIES, head, age 39, retired, b. St Loenards, (nb. this must be wrong as his wife Jane is 67 - it must be the same William DAVIES as above) he was living in a cottage Jane DAVIES, wife, age 67, b. 1824, Pulthdee Llanwenach

1891 Raglan Census Tom F EDWARDS, Head, age 55, b. 1836, Mamhilad, Mon, Mana EDWARDS, wife, age 43, b. 1848, Pontypool, Mon MA EDWARDS, daur, age 22, b. 1869, Panteg, Mon HL EDWARDS, daur, age 19, b. 1872, Panteg, Mon Eliza H EDWARDS, daur, age 17, b. Panteg, Mon

1901 Raglan Census:

William Davies, widower, age 66 and retired farmer, lived at Green Hill, Twyn. with 

his stepdaughter, Margaret EDWARDS, married, age 47, a visitor but born in Raglan (mother of Edmund W. EDWARDS) along with granddaughters, Jessie EDWARDS, age 22, b. 1879 in Raglan, housekeeper for her grandfather William Davies and Florence EDWARDS, Grandaughter, age 13, a visitor with her mother, born in Merthyr Vale, Glam. was visiting William Davies (nb Edmund EDWARDS, grandfather)

1896: Edwards, Edmund Stuart Butler, baptism, 1896. b. Feb 12, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire. Father Parents: George Frederick Edwards, and Margaret Edwards. Glam baptism transcripts, Welsh Archive Find my past: Svc. Parish Records Collection 1538-2005.

children: George. b. 1877, Jane/Jessie, b. 1879, Margaret, b. 1882, Martin , b. 1885, Florence, b. 1887, Wyndham, b. 1890) 1891 Merthyr Tydfil George F Edwards, head, age 50, b.1841, Raglan Mon, Colliery Weigher?, (mines) Margaret G Edwards, wife, age 37, b. 1854, Raglan George W Edwards,son, age 14, b. 1877, Raglan, Boilermaker Jane Pary Edwards, daur, age 12, b. 1879, Raglan, scholar Margaret G Edwards, daur, age 9, b.1882, Raglan, scholar Martin H, EDWARDS, age 6, b. 1885, Merthyr, Vale, Glam, scholar, Florence M Edwards, daur, age 4, b. 1887, Merthyr, Vale, Glam, scholar, Wyndham Edwards, son, age 1. b. Merthyr, Vale, Glam

1901 Merthyr Tydfil Census - 11 Victoria Street George F Edwards, Head, age 60, Railway machine winder in colliery, b. Raglan, Mon (nb. died, 16 Nov, 1912, 11 Victoria St, Merthyr Vale, age 72. buried Raglan Churchyard (Combined Raglan burial records.xls) George W Edwards, son, age 23, Boiler Maker?, b. 1878, Raglan, Mon Margaret G Edwards, daur, age 18, B.1883, Raglan Martin H Edwards, son, age 15, Engineer Fitter, b. 1885, Merthyr Vale, Glam Wyndham Edwards, son, age 11, B. 1890, Merthyr Vale, Glam Donald Edwards, son, age 9, b. 1892, Merthyr Vale, Glam, Edmund S.R. Edwards, age 6, b. 1895, Merthyr Vale, Glam

1911 Raglan Census: Edmund EDWARDS, age 15, Student. born Merthyr Vale living at 5 Castle St. Edmund was living with his grandfather, William DAVIES, widower, age 78, a retired Farmer b. St Weonards, Herefordshire, and his sister, Jeanie EDWARDS, age 31, b. 1880. Raglan. Jeanie was the housekeeper for her grandfather, William DAVIES

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