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Dean House
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I remember the land girls going past the Cottage daily in the jeeps (we lived in Dean Cottage then) among them were Frances (Bailey), Ellen Mackie ( who they teased like crazy) and Rose who lived in Tregare after she married.

The other thing I used to watch regularly from the window at Dean Cottage was the old horse drawn gypsy caravans making their way to Treworgan common. they also used to come round regularly selling pegs and wanting to tell your fortune! (Cynthia Chapple)

Dean Cottage, located on Chepstow Road across from the Doctor's Surgery, was built before 1841 and has hosted a variety of owners and tenants through the years. The principal owners were George Hallen (of the Brooks Farm), and Ann Tippins. The tenants include, a Surgeon, Dr William McAllan, (1841), (Anne Tippins,1851, sister of the Innkeeper at the Crown Inn), a family of Cordwainers and Ropemakers (1861) and farmers' widows including (Ann Lewis of Bryngwn, 1881-1900+, Mrs Sparkes,d.1937)

Ernie Morgan b. 1903, recalled that Dean Cottage was known as the Manse because three Baptist Ministers (Rev. Thomas Batston, Rev. Harri Edwards and Rev Rees)lived there between 1900 - 1940. The Deacons at Raglan Baptist Church felt that they couldn't commit to continuing to lease Dean Cottage and planned to upgrade The Laurels (next to Raglan Baptist Church and now known as the Fellowship Centre) for use as the Manse.

In the 1940's, the Chapple family (who owned Chapple's garage on the Old Monmouth Road) lived at Dean Cottage during World War II.

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