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The Davies' of Castle Lane/Old Monmouth Road are an example of a family with a long history in Raglan. They have been living here since at least 1838. Both the fiddle played by William Davies and the harp played by his son, William, are still in the family.

The earliest Davies gravestone in St Cadoc's Churchyard is that of Hannah Davies, wife of George Davies (b.1862). George later married Anne E Davies (b.1871). She gave birth to 4 children: George (b.1897), Frank (b.1898), Kate (b.1900) and Ivan (b.1904)

George is known to have been a bare knuckle fighter and was about 92 when he died. The family story is that a chap came down from The Forest of Dean and challenged George to a fight, they went to the back of Raglan Castle and fought. George won and then went off to Chapel! He was a staunch Baptist - even took the pledge. The family is represented by 4 gravestones.



(E24) HANNAH, wife of GEORGE DAVIES, Raglan Works, d. May 25, 1894. aged 36 yrs. The cup was bitter, the shock severe. To part with love who was loved so dear. God loved her too and thought it best to take her home with him to rest (the surround of the grave once marked the graves of George, Dennis, and Anne Elizabeth)

(E25) In loving memory of a dear Aunt, KATIE SOPHIA DAVIES, 1899 - 1978. At peace P1030191

(E32) In loving memory of PETER JOHN, younger son of REG & VIVIENNE DAVIES. 1966 - 1984. 'Love never ends' P1030209

(E33) In loving memory of dear husband and father IVAN DAVIES, died 12 Aug 1962, aged 58 years (b. 1904) 'Thy will be done' Also beloved wife and mother MARY ANN DAVIES, Died 12 July 1987, aged 83 years


According to the 1841 Raglan Census, William Davies (b.1796, Penrhos), a musician, was living on the Old Monmouth Road with his wife Mariah (b.1806, Warminster,Som) and four children: Henry (b.1826), Martha (b.1834), William (b.1836), and Edwin (b.1838). William (the 2nd eldest son) followed his father's musical profession and became a harpist.

George Davies (b.1862), Llanishen, became a wheelwright and coachbuilder. His son, Percy Ivan Davies was a master painter and decorator. He was very active in the community. He was chairman of Raglan Parish Council for many years, and area secretary of the National Association of Parish Councils. During WWII he was secretary of the Raglan Comforts Fund which did much for the local men and women serving in the forces.


The Davies family appear to come from Trellech or Penrhos but little is known of their origin. Maria (wife of William Davies) was from Bristol.


During WWII, Jack Davies (1926-1998) was in the Royal Marine Commandos and landed on the Normandy beach on D Day. His wife, Phoebe Leonard, was a Land Army girl in Raglan.

The Davies' still live in the same cottages as their ancestors, on Old Monmouth Road. They are still a musical family and can be heard in the church choir on Sundays, and around the district playing the Millennium Chimes.


Family Tree: George Davies


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