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Church House, Waterloo House, The Birches
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Church House was built around 1730 by William Williams of The Arthea, Tregare. The Williams were an old Raglan family. Named Church House because it was built across from St Cadoc's Church, the house is described by Charles Heath in 1805.

At the west end of the churchyard, separated from it only by the turnpike road leading to Chepstow stands a curious building of ten rooms on the ground floor, enclosed within a square brick wall, and the front thickly planted with shrubs, which give to the dwelling something the appearance of an hermitage in a gentleman's pleasure grounds.(C. Heath, 1805)

Madame Pytt, a widow, (b.1733), a lady of a respectable family whose husband, Roland Pytt (once the High Sheriff of Gloucester) shut herself in the most recluse manner never appearing except at Church, from whence she hurried home again with the utmost haste at the conclusion of the Service neither would she admit any one into her presence on business except one or two trusty friends.. It is said that she spent her time mourning her dead husband and her two children that died in their 20's. (See plaques in St Cadoc's Church)

In 1830, Robert Tredgold, gentleman of Raglan purchased The Birches for 5 shillings. He also received a pew in the Parish Church! At the same time, General Sir Joseph Thackwell (a hero of Waterloo) purchased Church House and subsequently spit into two houses (Church House and Waterloo House).

Doctors have lived (and practiced) in Church House for many years. Dr Logie served the village before (and during) the first World War. Dr. Langdon and his wife were very active during the 20's and 30's in both the Women's Institute and Raglan Brass Band.

Around 1901, the Birches was purchased by Samuel William Jones, a coal and builders merchant. Samuel Jones and his family built the three 1930's cottages on Chepstow Road along with much of the homes in Caestory. He was also very active in the Baptist Chapel.

The house is now split into three private residences: Church House, Waterlook House, and The Birches

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  • J.P. Thackwell (1781-1859) General Thackwell owned Church House in Raglan for nearly 30 years. Lt Gen Sir Joseph, GCB, KH Colonel 16th Lancers. He served in the Peninsular War in Spain, Portugal and France, Waterloo 1815, India and Afghanistan 1825-1840

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