Bryngwyn Roots Project Launch

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The Bryngwyn Roots project launch took place at Crawley Hall, Great Oaks. We are grateful for the support of the Bryngwyn W.I. for arranging the launch and providing refreshments. We had a delightful evening listening to the old stories of Bryngwyn residents and were delighted to learn more about this hamlet.

An overview of the Raglan District Roots project was presented by Dr Cheryl Morgan, Project Mangager. Resources and records about Bryngwyn were distributed and discussed. Bryngwyn residents brought records and memorabilia to share (including a cherished mug from the But the most fun of the evening was just talking about 'the old days'. We also shared emails from the Raglan History website with stories of people around the world with links to Bryngwyn.

We are grateful for Olwyn Smith for here help and advice in making this event a success. Thanks also to the Bryngwn W.I. for hosting the event

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