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Brooks Farmhouse

Brooks Farm gets its name from the convergence of the brooks around Raglan Village. The farm, owned by the Duke of Beaufort, covered 250 acres in and around Raglan Village.

In 1841, the Brooks farm comprised the Brooks farm buildings and pastures on the Chepstow Road along with Dean Cottage, the land where the Old National School is located along with Raglan Infant and Primary School, the current Doctors Surgery, and most of the land on Station Road. In addition, the land on the High Street where Nisa's grocery and the area behind the high street where Caestory House and surrounding homes are located were part of the Brooks Farm. Finally, the owned the 'school orchard' (where Orchard farm is now located) which must have served either the Goff Free School on Usk Road or the First National School on Castle Street)

The earliest known tenants were the George Hallen (b.1766, d.1824) and Susan Hallen (b.1768, d.1829). It remained in the Hallen family until ca 1885.

Interestingly, Lucy Hallen (grandaughter of George Hallen) married married Thomas Ferrers, Innkeeper of the Beaufort Inn. The current owners of the Beaufort Inn (the Lewis') recently bought the Brooks farmhouse. They didn't realise it at the time - but they had duplicated the Hallen's in living at the Brooks Farm and being the Innkeepers of Beaufort Inn.

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