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Exton's Clothiers on High Street has been a Grocers, Drapers, Outfitters and/or Clothiers shop for nearly 200 years. It has been known by a number of names including: Bristol House, New Shop and County Stores For three generations, Exton's, (owners since 1962) welcome people from around the world to their store.

In the 1841 Raglan Tithe Map, Exton's is listed as, No. 505 'Houses and gardens' owned by Teresa Anderson. Two families occupy the property, Thomas Farmer, age 35, a cordwainer, his wife Sophia and three young children and Richard Hall, age 35, a grocer along with his wife Eliza, two young children and a servant.

The first mention of Bristol House is found in 1890. Henry Stafford Gustard, the owner mortgaged the property to Rhoda and William Beynon and John Williams. William Williams, from Pembroke, opened a grocers shop at Bristol House and called it 'the new shop, William died shortly after and Rhoda later married John Townsend, a farmer from Cwmcarvan. They continued to operate the Grocer and provisioner. The next owner, Thomas Jones Smith & Sons purchased Bristol House in 1911 and kept it as a Draper and outfitter shop until 1927 when the property was gifted to their daughter Evelyn Jones Cleaves.

T.J.Smiths & Sons
One day, Mr Smith came from the back of the store and promptly disappeared through the floor , he had left the cellar trap door open!!! Poor man ,he already had a withered hand, frost bite from the first world war we were told,  he broke his hip in the cellar fall, I remember rushing out to get help. (memoirs of Graham Spencer)

In 1947, Barclay’s Bank Ltd leased the front room of Bristol house for one day a week. The Bank was open only on a Friday. This arrangement continued until at least 1961. Access to the Bank was through the door between Bristol and London Houses

In the fullness of time, the Exton's have continued the business from 1962 to the present.

Recently, James, of Exton's Clothiers discovered the account book for the Raglan Brass Band (1925-1939) in the cellar of Exton's Clothing Store on the High Street in Raglan. These records had been stored there by Mr Cleaves, Draper, one of the Band Committee. This find contained the Minute Book, Accounts book a membership book and a box of dance tickets for Jeffrey's Hall.

Exton's is more than a shop - like all the shops in our village, it is an integral part of our community.

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