A Lord at Raglan Castle, Kieran Knight,2010

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Horatia Durant Essay Contest

A Lord of Raglan Castle

by - Kieran Knight HD02.jpg

I woke up early in the morning,

Staring up at the sunset light.

I had a thought about what to do,

It was to build a castle,

I built it in 1435 and my name is William ap Thomas,

And this is my daily life,

I woke up early and did my routine,

And went to the mass at the Chapel.

Then it was the important part,

Breakfast of bread and wine.

I'd go to a meeting about warfare and trade,

And whether to keep my land.

Between 10 a.m. and noon I'd have my dinner,

Of fruit and plenty of food.

If visitors were here we'd have a joker,

To tell jokes and a couple of stories,

And then after we'd do activities,

Like falconry, archery and chess.

When we finish our fun, supper will be served.

Two courses and a sampling of cheese

Then in the evening we'd have one light supper,

And then I relax to bed.

So that is why I built this castle,

A home and a landmark to this village

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