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Churchyard Trail

St Cadoc's Church

Every gravestone tells a story of love and life. The Raglan Primary School History Detectives welcome you to our St Cadoc's Churchyard Trail. We spend every Tuesday after school literally digging through history. We learn history through studying and taking care of our Churchyard. We also invite residents to share memories of their family graves. The graves in our Churchyard Trail reflect the diversity of people that have contributed to the life of our Village, and are buried here. You can also search for a specific gravestone. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you have a smart phone or iPad you can scan the QR code on the gravestone to learn more about the people buried there.

'To start your tour please go to the Lych Gate at the entrance of the Churchyard.

Danger (C10a)

1. DANGER, Edward (1863-1922) Raglan Station Master (C10a). On your right, near the yew tree is a rather thick square head stone lying on its back. This is the gravestone of Edward DANGER, the Raglan Stationmaster from 1911 - 1922. The Railway station was a very important place in Raglan Village and is greatly missed. It was the door out to the world for villagers and it brought visitors to our Castle. The Raglan School History Detectives say, "danger in life and danger in death". Inscription: In Loving memory of my dear husband, EDWARD GEORGE DANGER, late station master, Raglan, who died May 1st 1922, aged 59 years. Read more

May (A98)

2. MAY, George & Harriet (1809-1857), Warden-of-Castle, (A98). Turn toward the Beaufort Arms Inn, across the path is a dainty head stone with flowers carved around its edges. This is the grave of George and Harriet May. They were the last family to live at Raglan Castle. George was a painter as well as the Warden of the Castle. He and his wife died within a year of each other leaving 4 young children as orphans. It is said that when Harriet was buried, the three young girls (all of whom were born in the Castle) led the entire village to the churchyard. This gravestone is beautifully carved and some of the lettering was done in a rich red colour. The gravestone was given by the Duke of Beaufort. Inscription: In memory of HARRIET MAY who died Feb 1856, Aged 35 years and GEORGE MAY who died June 8, 1857 aged 48 years. Read more

Lewis (A97)

3. LEWIS, Edward and MaryAnn (1799-1859), Schoolmaster/mistress,(A97) Just to the right of the May grave is a large ledger stone (flat stone) for Edward and Mary Ann Lewis. They were the schoolmaster/mistress of the first National School in Raglan. This grave was uncovered by the Raglan School History Detectives in 2013. Inscription: Sacred to the memory of Edward Lewis who for 27 years filled the office of schoolmaster & parish clerk of this place. He died July 9th, 1859, aged 62 years. Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann widow of Edward Lewis of this place, schoolmaster's wife, who died December 14, 1869 aged 64. Read more

Jones, R (B05)

4. JONES, Richard (1842-1912),builder & shopkeeper (old Raglan family) (B05). Walk to the left towards the Church tower to a gravestone with a stone cross on top of a large stone. This section of the Churchyard is full of the JONES family. For six generations they have been carpenters, wheelwrights, builders, grocers, butchers and farmers. This stone marks the grave of Richard Jones. Inscription: In loving memory of RICHARD JONES builder Morton House, Raglan. who died Feb 6, 1912, age 70 years. Dear father rest thy work is done. Thy loving hands shall toil no more. They gentle eye shall weep. Rest dear father gently sleep and Also of SOPHIA, his dearly beloved wife, who died Sept 16th 1918, aged 77 years. Father in thy garden keeping leave we here our loved ones sleeping. Peace Perfect Peace Read more

Hartley (B06)

5. HARTLEY, Capt. Wm (1766-1832),Served across-the-world,(B06). To the right of the Jones graves is a large 'tea caddy' tomb with inscriptions on three sides. The inscription on the rear is for Captain William Hartley who spent most of his life fighting for king and country in nearly all the continents around the world. He retired to Waterloo House (just across the road from the church). I am sure that his wife, Judith, and sister-in-law, Sarah, were pleased to be able to watch over him after his death. Inscriptions: Sacred to the memory of Captain William Hartley of the 21st Regiment of the Foot who departed this life January 18th, 1832, Aged 66 years, In memory of JUDITH HARTLEY relict of the late William Hartley, who died 25, February 1851 age 84, In the memory of SARAH, relict of JOSEPH TWINBORROW, late of Newland, Herefordshire and sister of Mrs Hartley, who departed this life May 2nd 1837, aged 82 years. (buried, 8 May, 1837) Read more

Blower (C29)

6. BLOWER, Thomas (1764-1842),Yeoman,(C29) With the church porch on your left, look across to the large 'Preaching Cross'. On its left is a "tea chest tomb" for Thomas Blower, a yeoman (a farmer who owned and worked his own land). He lived on Castle Street across from the Old Vicarage (probably where the Old Post Office is today). Inscription: In Memory of THOMAS BLOWER of this town. He died November 12 1842, aged 78 years, and Mary, died 2 April, 1834. Read more

Parry (B12)

7. PARRY, David (1765-1847), Clockmaker,(B12) Return to the path and look for a small gravestone next to the church wall. Take a close look at the headstone to see if you can make out the 'clock face' inscribed on the grave. David Parry was mad about clocks. A clockmaker by trade, he had a clock carved in the top of his grave, set to the hour of his passing! Inscription: In memory of David PARRY of this parish who departed this life in February 27, 1847. Died 82 years. Read more

Morgan (C72)

8. MORGAN, Walter (1868-1905),Lodge Farm,(C72) Continue walking down the path looking to the right for a tall pillar stone topped with a draped 'urn'. Walter Morgan of the Lodge Farm (now Raglan Golf Course) died at a very young age - he was 37 years old, and recently married. Other members of the Morgan family are located in D9 (William and Jane Morgan). Inscription: WALTER MORGAN, late of the Lodge, who departed this life, Feb 1905, aged 37 years. Where the wicked cease from travelling, the weary are at rest. In loving memory of WILLIAM EDWARDS of Caestory Cottage who fell asleep at the gates of light, Oct 20th, 1906 in his. 82nd year. He did justice, ? here and walked humbly with his God. WILLIAM EDWARDS, WALTER MORGAN, ISABEL MORGAN, ISABEL MARGARET MORGAN, ISABEL MARY, wife of the late WILLIAM EDWARDS of Caestory Raglan, who entered into rest on the morning of 13th Nov 1909, aged 76 Read more

Davies (E24)

9. DAVIES, Hannah & George (1858-1894), (E24) Davies, Hannah and George. Turn toward the bottom of the churchyard and walk straight down hill through 5 rows of graves. Turn back toward the church and on your right should be the headstone for Hannah and George Davies. George Davies was known to have been a bare knuckle fighter but his Raglan ancestors included a blind harpist and a fiddle player. Notice the grave curb around the gravestone - this indicates that a number of burials have used this plot. On some grave curbs you can read the names of other family members buried together. Sadly, the curbs on this grave have been lost. Inscription: HANNAH, wife of GEORGE DAVIES, Raglan Works, d. May 25, 1894. aged 36 yrs. The cup was bitter, the shock severe. To part with love who was loved so dear. God loved her too and thought it best to take her home with him to rest. Also in this section are other members of the Davies family, including: (E25) In loving memory of a dear Aunt, KATIE SOPHIA DAVIES, 1899 - 1978. At peace Read more

Jones (F40)

10. JONES, William John Philpin 'Jon',(1913-1992),Cartoonist (F40) Jones, John Philpot 'Jon'. Once again, turn towards the bottom of the churchyard and walk straight through 6 rows of graves. Turn back towards the church and the headstone in the third row on your left is that of William John Philpin 'Jon' Jones, the renowned cartoonist, founder of the British Cartoonists' Association. His best known cartoon characters were 'The Two Types': a pair of army captains. WILLIAM JOHN PHILPIN JONES 'JON', cartoonist, 17 Aug 1913 - 28 June 1992. Inscription: Remembered with love, gratitude and great joy, and his wife, SYLVIA, writer, editor and publisher, 21 July 1927 - 17 Aug 2009, dynamic, determined and successful. Much loved by all. Read more

Watkins (F78)

11. WATKINS, "Reg"& Enid (1910-1986),Garage / Land Girl (F78) Watkins, Reg. Two more rows towards the bottom of the graveyard, on your left you will find the headstone of Reg Watkins. Reg and Enid met during WWII when she was a land girl in Raglan. After marriage they became the owners of the Transport Cafe on the Old Monmouth Road. They moved to the Central Garage on Raglan High Street when the A449 dual carriageway was built. The Watkins' are still there! Like many of the shops in the village, the family business still thrives. Inscription: In loving memory of REGINALD GORDON WATKINS Born 10th May 1925, Died 12 May 1997, Also his dearly loved wife ENID MURIEL WATKINS Born 30th Dec 1924, Died 27th Feb 2009, Rest in Peace. Read more

Somerset (F32)

12. SOMERSET, Elizabeth H.A. & Raglan Turberville (1858-1929) (F32) Somerset, Horatia. Turn to your right and walk towards the tall white granite cross. The Somersets are related to both Raglan Castle as well as Horatio Nelson. The white granite cross is dedicated to Raglan Turberville Henry Somerset, Warden of Raglan Castle for over 50 years, and Elizabeth Horatia Anne Somerset, great-granddaughter of Admiral Horatio Nelson. To the left of this cross are three more Somerset and Tribe graves. Inscriptions: In fond memory of ELIZABETH HORATIA ANNE. The dearly loved wife of RAGLAN H. SOMERSET, Eldest child of HORATIO N. NELSON-WARD, Rector of Radstock. Born June 24th 1858 Read more

Hamer-Lewis (D24)

13. HAMER-LEWIS, George & Betty - Together again. Return to the white Somerset cross and begin to make your way back towards the church for 7 rows. On your right you will find a coffin grave with a cross on the top. George and Betty were married for just 1 month before George died. Betty was a founding member of the Raglan Women's Institute and Secretary of St Cadoc's PCC for many years. She was also a great supporter of education in Raglan. Inscription: ELIZABETH MAGDALENA (Betty) HAMER-LEWIS, Nee PRYCE-JENKIN, wife of GEORGE ERNEST HAMER-LEWIS, Died, September 12, 1967, Aged 73 years. In loving memory of Major G.E. HAMER-LEWIS O.B.E., Croix de Guerre, Died June 19, 1952 'The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God,: Wisdom 3:1. Read more

Wyatt (D25)

14. WYATT, Arthur (1810-1874),Vicar,restored_Church (D25). Turn towards the Monmouth Road past 5 headstones, on your right is the headstone of Arthur Montague Wyatt and his wife Ann. A.M. Wyatt was the Vicar of Penrhos Parish for 16 years and Raglan Parish for 10 years. A plaque in St Cadoc's Church tower reads, "To the Glory of God and in loving remembrance of Arthur Montague Wyatt, Vicar of this Parish from 1864 to 1874. During his incumbency and mainly by his exertions this Church was restored, enlarged and embellished. It was re-opened the 27th of August 1868. The church we have today is 'his' church. He was also responsible for having the lych gate built, enlarging the churchyard and encouraging local residents to donate the clocks on the tower and the stained glass windows in the church. Inscription: ARTHUR MONTAGUE WYATT, Vicar, Born May 11, 1810. Died, 15 June, 1874, age 64 years, Let a man so account of us as of the ministers of Christ and steward of the mysteries of God, Corinthians 4.1, and his wife ANN ELIZABETH WYATT. Read more

Ponsford (D70)

15. PONSFORD, George (1885-1977).Cobbler on High Street and Baptist,(D70) - Continue walking towards Monmouth Road past one stone. Ahead of you will be a headstone and curb for George and Agnes Ponsford. George was the cobbler (shoemaker) in Raglan for 65 years. He and his wife were also Baptists - he would welcome people to chapel while Agnes sang in the choir. (Inscription: In loving memory of my dear wife AGNES FRANCES PONSFORD who died Jan 5th 1949, aged 74 years. In heavenly love abiding. Also of GEORGE PONSFORD who died July 24th 1977, aged 92 years Read more

Edwards (D18 - D19)

16. EDWARDS, Corp. Edmund (1896-1919), Casualty WWI,(D18/19). Turn towards the church and go to the two ledger stones surrounded by a wrought iron grave rail. Corporal Edmund Edwards, the youngest of 7 children, is buried there with his parents and grandparents. He died, aged 23, of wounds suffered in the war. Inscription: In ever Loving Memory of my dear son. CORPORAL EDMUND STEWART EDWARDS, of 5th co. Abervan. Died 31 March 1919. As time holds we miss him more. A loving son, a brother kind, a beautiful man, In loving memory of my dear husband, GEORGE FREDERICK EDWARDS who died Nov 11 1912, Aged 72. We know our dear faith is a link in the chain that shall keep us together until we meet again, (D18) In affectionate remembrance of MARGARET GERTRUDE EDWARDS who died Nov 28, 1929, (D19) In loving memory, JANE, wife of WILLIAM DAVIES, Green Hill House, Twyn Sherriff, Raglan, who died Feb 12, 1901, aged 81 years. In life fondly loved, in death deeply lamented. Also of MARY ANN DAVIES, sister of WILLIAM. In memory of WILLIAM DAVIES, St. Cadoc's House, Raglan, Who died Jan 19, 1913. Aged 78 years. Thou art my strength. Thou has me laid. O Lord I cling to thee my fence and aid a Loving God to me. Read more

Jones (A08)

17. JONES, John (1815-1887), Chemist,(A08). You will now climb up the hill on the right side of the churchyard. Turn up the hill until you come to the lime tree on your right. In the shadow of the lime tree is the coffin grave of John and Mary Jones, chemist and grocer in Raglan High Street. The Jones family lived in Raglan throughout the 1800's (mostly as grocers and chemists). This gravestone reminds us of the terrible loss there used to be of children dying in infancy. Inscription: In loving memory of JOHN JONES (Chemist), born May 2, 1815, died Feb 1887, And of his wife MARY, Born, May 10, 1816, died, Nov 22, 1889, Also seven of their children who died in infancy. To such as keep his covenant and to those that remember his commandments to do them The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens, Psalms CIII XVIII, XIX. Read more

Matthews (A41-64)

18. MATTHEWS, Thomas (1810-1886), Ironmonger,(A41). Continue walking west towards the red granite tea caddy featuring a cross on its top. Just before you reach that gravestone you pass a sandstone headstone - on one side is the inscription: Sacred to the memory of Thomas Matthews of this parish who died July 9, 1883 - Aged 76 years. His end in Peace. Also of Phoebe, wife of the above who died July 1, 1892, Aged 71. Thomas was an Ironmonger at the Chestnuts in Usk Road (Ironmongers are dealers in hardware and iron). Look to the west again and look for three sandstone graves about two rows in front of you (2 headstones and one tea caddy grave). These are descendants of Thomas Matthews. If you have time, take a close look at these stones - they are really lovely. In all, there are 4 Matthews gravestones in the churchyard ((Ref. A41, A43, A40, A42, D12). Plot A64 - In Memory of RACHEL wife of THOMAS MATTHEWS of the parish of Llangwm who died November 11th 1869, Aged 68 years, Plot A41 - Sacred to the memory of THOMAS MATTHEWS of Llanover who departed this life, December the 17, 1818. Aged 75 years, I know that my redeemer liveth. Read more

Prichard (A49)

19. PRICHARD, John (1844-1928), InnKeeper at Angel Hotel,Abergavenny (A49) Prichard. Turn to the west again and in front of you is the red granite tea caddy stone with the name, "Wyndam James" - he is related to the Prichard family, innkeepers of the Angel Hotel in Abergavenny. Look at the names on all four sides of the gravestone. None of them are from Raglan! We have no idea why they ended up buried here. Inscriptions: The family of John and Helen Eliza PRICHARD, In memory of JOHN PRICHARD, The loved husband of HELEN ELIZA PRICHARD of Glendower, Abergavenny, Died Oct, 15, 1928 in his 84th year. Also the said HELEN ELIZA PRICHARD, Died April 11, 1930, Aged 78 years. 'God knows best", PRICHARD Children: LAURA MARY, died Oct 5, 1878, Aged 3, MARY, died 26 June 1876, aged 8 months, GLADYS, Died 22, Nov 1891, aged 1 yr, 8 wks, EVELINE, Died 19 March, 1882, aged 4 mo. And their daughter FLORENCE HELEN, wife of Maurice Brady, Died April 24, 1953 in her 74th year, Interred Kings Morton, Birmingham. Son, WYNDHAM JAMES. D. Dec, 7, 1923, 48 years. interred at Vayner. WALTER JOHN, elder son, D. Oct 16th, 1927 53 years. interred at the New Cemetery, Abergavenny. Read more

Williams (A76)

20. WILLIAMS, Thomas (1653-1708), oldest known gravestone,(A76) Turn to your left towards the church once again and begin walking down the hill. Just before you reach the church tower, look to your right and see the stack of at least 4 ledger stones piled on top of each other. These ledger stones mark the graves of Thomas Williams and family. The stones were probably moved here in the 1860s, when the churchyard was cleared for the building of the Lady Chapel. Inscriptions: WILLIAM, Mary. 17?8 F - Here lieth the body of MARY the daughter of THOMAS and MARY WILLIAMS of this arise who departed this life Jan the 16th 1684, aged 3yr & 6 months. God took me in my infancy for fear of future misery. The Lord of Heaven he thought be to take me to a place of rest. Here also lyeth the Body of THOMAS WILLIAMS of this Parish who departed this life Jan the 6 day of July 1708, aged 55 years. Husband and father he was beloved both far and near. Neighbour just in all his ways deserves this worldly praise. (76a) Benjamin WILLIAMS who departed this life May 12, 1861, age 68. Here lies the child of Christ and from the grave his coming hope to live a joyful rising. Farewell in Christ (partial inscription), (A76b)In memory of BENJAMIN WILLIAMS of the Parish who died June 13 1808, aged 55 years. Farewell dear wife my life is past. My love for you so long did pass. And now for me no sorrow take but love my child for my sake. Read more

Grove (A85)

21. GROVE, Joseph (1802-1865), Bosanquet Bailiff,(A85) Grove. Continue walking towards the lych gate, keeping your eyes to the right for your last stop. This consists of a headstone, standing over a ledger stone, for Grove - bailiff, gardener and grocer. It is rare to have two stones for the same burial plot. It appears that the Bosanquet family erected the headstone sometime after the burials of Joseph and Elizabeth. Inscriptions: In memory of JOSEPH GROVE who knew 25 years in the family of Samuel Bosanquet, Earl of Dingestow Court as gardener and bailiff from 1840 to 1865 in the members of which family this stone is placed and inscribed A85a: Sacred - Joseph Grove of this parish. December 7, 1865, aged 62. Also Elizabeth, wife of Joseph who died July 19, 1868, aged 57. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Read more

Thank you for taking the St Cadoc's Churchyard trail. We hope that you enjoyed it. This is just a sample of the diverse stories of Raglan that the churchyard holds. A full data set of the churchyard is available on-line. Please also visit inside the church. If you have a story about anyone in the churchyard please contact raglan_history@

Click here for an alphabetical list of graves in the Churchyard Trail

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